Visa Requirements for Nigerians going to Senegal

Nigerians visiting most African countries don’t need a visa to stay for the duration of 90 days and one of such countries is Senegal. Are you a Nigerian with dreams of visiting Senegal but do not know the requirements or Visa Requirements for Nigerians going to Senegal? then consider yourself lucky being on this page.

Visa Requirements for Nigerians going to Senegal

  • As a Nigerian, you can journey to Senegal and stay for the duration of 90 days without a visa.
  • Nigerian tourists with the intention to stay more than 90 days can locate the immigration office at the immigration department in Senegal and apply for a visa extension.
  • While going to Senegal, you must provide proof of accommodation which could either be a hotel, apartment, etc. If you, however, have someone staying in Senegal, and is willing to accommodate you for your entire stay, you can receive and present a sponsorship letter from him/her.
  • Visitors from Nigeria are required to have a passport that is valid for at least a period of six (6) months from the day of arrival and departure. The passport should also have at least two (2) blank pages for visa stamping. Only then will they will be allowed to enter Senegal.

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  • As a traveler who is below 18, you must provide a copy of your birth certificate and travel consent from your parent.
  • Visitors must also provide proof of funds that will cover up their expenses during their stay duration in Senegal.
  • As a visitor visiting Senegal with a pet, you must be able to present the pet’s proof of rabies vaccination, health certificate, and this should be done no more than 30 days before arrival. This pet must pass through Senegal via Léopold Sédar Senghor International Airport. 
  • Nigerian tourists will be asked upon entry and exit to declare their amount which should be above XOF 20,000.

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  • As a Nigerian, you will be asked to provide your vaccination for yellow fever.
  • Thinking of the right airport to use? To fly to Senegal, you need an International airport to be able to travel there. To cut short the stress, you can use Abuja or Lagos international airport.
  • Still thinking of the airway to use? there are numerous airlines that could make your flight to Senegal a splendid one. Flights like Tap Air Portugal, Arik Air, Brussels Airlines, and British Airways.
  • While getting ready for your journey to Senegal, have in mind that you are spending at least 3 hours, 35 minutes from Lagos to Senegal, and 7 hours, 5 minutes from Abuja to Senegal.
  • The official currency for Senegal is the West African CFA franc. As a foreigner, you can proceed to the bank or any valid monetary outlets to change your foreign currency.
  • Senegal is multilingual and there are about 36 languages been spoken in Senegal with French as their official language. Even as French is considered to be the official language of Senegalese, Wolof is the most spoken language in the country.
  • Senegal as a country is accommodating to all religions but Islam covers 94% of their entire population. Religion like Christianity and other indigenous faith is known to be the minority in the country.
  • Are you going to Senegal for the purpose of tourism? there are beautiful centers of attraction Nigerians can visit in Senegal such as IFAN Museum of African Arts, Djoudj National Bird Sanctuary, N’Gor Island, and Saint-Louis. 
  • Their delicacies are special and will make you crave more when you try them. Some of these delicacies are chere, sombi, and maafe. 
  • Tourists from Nigeria going to Senegal should budget at least $45 for their daily expenses.
  • The climate of Senegal is tropical with a hot and humid rainy season which goes from May to November. The dry season goes from December to April which is when you will experience harmattan wind, hotness, and dryness.
  • There are numerous means of transportation that enable visitors to move from one place to another. Transportations like their domestic flight, buses, taxi, boats, minibusses, and trains.
  • Senegal is one (1) hour ahead of Nigeria time because they make use of the Greenwich Mean Time(GMT) time zone.
  • Senegal power socket plugs are Type C, D, E, and K. The normal voltage is 230 V and the normal frequency is 50 Hz.
  • As a tourist from Nigeria, you have to be careful of your surroundings and environment.

Frequently Asked Questions about Visa Requirements for Nigerians going to Senegal

1. Is Senegal safe for tourists?

Yes, Senegal is a safe country for tourists but you should also be very observant due to the little crimes that happen there once in a while

2. What is the climate in Senegal?

The climate of Senegal is tropical with a mixture of hot, rainy, and humid season which goes from May to November. The dry season comes from December to April.

3. When is the best time to visit Senegal?

November to May is the best time for tourists to visit Senegal because, during this season, the desert wind pushes out cool and fresh air at night.

4. What is the cuisine in Senegal like?

As aforesaid, Senegal is multilingual therefore, there are numerous types of multi-cultural cuisines there consisting of sauce, grains, vegetables, etc. As a tourist, you can also try some of their dishes like maafe, thiéboudienne, caldou, lakhou bissap, and it goes on and on.

5. What to wear in Senegal

You can come along comfortable clothes made of fabrics.

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