Visa Requirements for Nigerians going to Kenya

Studying in a different country can be really amazing because you will be opportune to have a view and taste of different cultures, languages, food and other vital parts of what makes them who they are. Most people love the idea of visiting different places but the stumbling block is, what are the visa requirements for the countries they are about visiting, and this is no different from Nigerian citizens. For Nigerians who are about Visiting Kenya, their big question is, can Nigerians visit Kenya without a visa? if Kenya needs a visa, what are the Visa Requirements for Nigerians going to Kenya?

As a Nigerian, before visiting a country, the first question you should be asking is, what are the Visa Requirements for Nigerians going to Kenya. This article is going to tell you all you need to know.

Entry or Visa Requirements for Nigerians going to Kenya

  • As a Nigerian, you need an e-Visa to stay in Kenya for up to 90 days .
  • It is required that you get a passport before you can be allowed into Kenya.
  • As a Nigerian visiting Kenya, your passport must be valid for the duration of time you intend to visit or stay in Kenya with a blank space left for stamping.
  • Visitors from Nigeria must make sure they have enough funds to cover up their expenses during their stay duration.
  • Visitors must book a round ticket and also have all necessary documents for their returns
  • The luggage of visitors must be cleared at the entry of the first airport in Kenya
  • Upon departure from the airport, airport taxes will not be required from Nigerian visiting Kenya
  • When you are flying from Lagos to Nairobi, There would be two stopovers.
  • When boarding Kenya Airways direct flight from Lagos to Nairobi, have in mind that the journey will last for about 5 hours and 20 minutes.
  • As a Nigerian visiting Kenya with a pet or pets, you will have to present an import permit, the pet’s health certificate, and also you have to present proof of pet vaccination.
  • Visting Kenya as a Nigeria, you have to check for chickenpox, polio, hepatitis B, hepatitis A, tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis (Tdap ), measles, pneumonia, cholera, cholera, yellow fever, mumps and rubella (MMR), shingles, and pneumonia and influenza vaccination.
  • Kenya is very accomodating as far as religion is concerned but Christianity is mostly practiced by the 85.5 percent of the entire population.
  • In terms of the exchange rate between the Nigerian Naira and Kenyan Shilling, 1 NGN is equal to 0.29 (KES).
  • Kenya is about 2 hours ahead of Nigeria because the time zone which is presently been used in Kenya is Eastern Africa Time ( EAT ).
  • Going on vacation or sites seeing? then you can do that with ease in Kenya. Moving around Kenya is possible with the use of their various means of transportation like domestic flight, car rentals, Uber Nairobi, Trains, and their minibusses to all cities and towns in Kenya. Minibusses are known to be the cheapest means of transportation in Nairobi which you have to pay 40 to 100 KES, but it all depends on the distance.
  • Kenya makes use of a G adapter so that guests in their city will be able to recharge their chargeable devices.
  • Kenya is a country with a high level of water vapor in the atmosphere ( humid tropical climate) that is why their two rainy seasons comes with mostly wind temperature. This season runs from March to June and November to December.
  • Kenya’s dry season goes from June to October and it is considered to be the best time to visit Kenya. You can also engage in tourist activities and have a good time.
  • Nigerians who might have heard that Swahili is Kenya’s official language should not be skeptical about the language barrier because, even as Swahili is known to be the official language of Kenya, the English language is still widely spoken so you don’t have a problem in language communication.
  • Even as English is widely spoken in Kenya, Nigerians should try their best possible to learn few Swahili phrases just in case they want to communicate in rural areas.
  • As a visitor from Nigeria, you should be careful when carrying out monetary transactions in Kenya
  • As a visitor or tourist in Kenya, you might want to take few pictures of the surroundings or what you find appealing, you are advised that you do so respectfully and be conscious of your environment while taking those pictures.

Frequently Asked Questions About Nigerians Visiting Kenya

1. Is Kenya safe for tourists?

Of course, Kenya is pretty safe for tourists but a country can not be 100% safe from crime. You just have to be careful of your surroundings and environment.

2.  What is Kenya’s Climate like?

The climate for Kenya is tropical with a mixture of hot, warm, and cool seasons

3. What is Kenya Cuisine

Kenya Cuisine is very special and it consists of stews, beef, soups, and vegetables.

4. What should I wear in Kenya

Any casual comfortable clothes are cool.

5. How do I move around Kenya?

You can move around with their domestic flights, car rentals, Kenya uber, train, and minibuses, but minibuses are cheaper.

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