Vichy Springs Resort: Cost, Guide, & Location

Vichy Springs Resort was established in the year 1854 crowning it the 160-year old historic building. Do you want a carbonated natural warm mineral bath? the Vichy Springs Resort has all it takes to offer this to you. When one seems to be enjoying himself, he might turn a blind eye to his timing hence, he stays and enjoys himself more till the night comes for him, that is where Vichy Springs rooms and cottage comes to play. Vichy Springs has made it their priority to make their guest comfortable hence, they established a room and cottage for their visitors for overnight stays. Still, in that room, their visitors can still go on with their enjoyment because they could continue with their natural warm mineral bath.

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Vichy Springs Resort

The 150-year-old Vichy Springs Resort which is located in California has 26 rooms and cottages for visitors’ accommodations and comfort. The Vichy Springs Resort is naturally warm and endowed with natural minerals. Get the chance to soak in the hot pool of Vichy Springs, swim in the Olympic sized pool which is 25 meter, 80 feet also, walk and hike the 700 private acres

Right from its establishment, the Vichy Springs Resort has been a historic dream destination for the people not just in the United States but across the state also. Out of the cottages built in 1852, three of these cottages are in use now.

Notable visitors like the Ghiradelli family, Mark Twain, Robert Louis Stevenson, Teddy Roosevelt, and contemporary visitors which include Eve Ensler, Governor Jerry Brown, Jack Davenport, Larry Hagman, Nancy Pelosi, and James Coburn have actually used this resort.

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You can locate the spring with just 2 hours drive north of San Francisco right in the middle of Mendocino County’s wine country. Do you want peace, comfort, and relaxation? then Vichy Springs should be the best place you should be.

Pools at Vichy Springs Resort

The Naturally Carbonated “Vichy” Mineral Baths

Having a bath at the Vichy Springs is really great because it possesses 90°F (32°C) natural carbonated minerals. In the spring, there are 14 tubs for visitors to bathe in and enjoy. There are 10 tubs inside and the remaining 4 outside. The healing power of the spring should not be ignored. A few minute baths at the Vichy Springs is capable of clearing your mind, renewing your soul, ease your stress, and balance your mental health. Aside from the inner healing, the springs also perform wonders on outward healing. It goes as far as healing, rheumatism, skin disorders, arthritis, eczema, psoriasis, and nervous conditions.

The Hot Pool

The source of the in-ground hot pool comes from a cold deep mineral source which is later channeled into the hot pool with 104° Fahrenheit (40° C). At the end of this transit, individuals can now enjoy the hotness of the mineral water on a cool evening.

Vichy Plunge

The swimming pool at Vichy is Olympic size with about 30 x 80 foot which is usually opened from May to October. The pool which is a nonheated pool is meant for warm days or summer days. No chlorine is used in treating the pool.

Local Attraction

Mendocino County which is within the pool vicinity is huge geographically and it renders numerous climate activities. It there you get to do lots of fun activities which include, bicycling hiking, live theater, etc. You get the chance to sail, go fishing, water-skiing, and jet skiing, at Lake Mendocino. You can also go shopping, get microbreweries, visit the restaurants at the Montgomery Woods State Park. Do you want to go mountain biking? South Cow Mountain has got your back.

The Water

10km beneath the outer brings the mythical Vichy Springs natural mineral water of California. The water is driven from the depths of growing carbon dioxide which flows at about 100 gallons every minute with a 90° Fahrenheit (30° Celsius) averagely.

The spring is massively endowed with 3,800 milligrams per liter of minerals. Bathing this mineral is very essential and of great benefit to the health. After just a minute of soaking in this water, you will discover millions of tiny bubbles all over your skin. During your bath in the water, the CO2  and the water finds their way into your skin and promptly enlarging your blood vessel making you feel much relax with peace of mind and calmness.

The water is alkaline water because it passes over the rocks and study has shown that drinking alkaline waters soften the acidic digestive systems and it also goes a long way to help to cure ulcer, rheumatism, and other acid-related illnesses one may have

Cost of Vichy Springs Resort Usage

The Vichy Springs’ do not accept overnight usage. Visitors can only use the spring in the day. During the daytime, visitors are permitted to use the swimming pool which is Olympic size( according to season), the Vichy Mineral Baths, 700 acres of hiking and walking, Hot Pool. Do you want special outdoor eating? Picnic tables and set across the spring for visitors to enjoy.

Guest would be allowed into the Vichy Springs Resort, to enjoy themselves from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Cost Rates for 2021

  • Two hours per person will cost $35.00
  • Three hours per person will cost $50.00
  • Booking the service of a spa all day from October to April only will cost $35.00
  • Per person for all-day from October to April will cost the sum of $75.00
  • Renting the towel will cost the sum of $3.00
  • To rent a Bathing suit per person is $3.00
  •  Breakfast per person will cost $15.00
  • Renting a Bathrobe will cost the sum of $10.00
During the holidays, visitors can spend just 2 hours daily at the Vichy Springs.

Please Note:

  • As a visitor at the spring, it is required that you use the bathing suit in all facilities at the spring
  • Smoking in the room or within the premises of Vichy Springs Resort is prohibited. Although, smoking outside the premises is allowed but in selected areas.
  • Bringing pets into the vicinity is also prohibited.

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