Travel Nurse Salary: How Much Do Travel Nurse Make [2021]

I don’t need a soothsayer to explain that you have been thinking of how high a travel nurse’s salary is. Probably, you are a nurse and you just want to know just in case the opportunity comes. Well, if you have been thinking or asking questions about travel nurses making more money, the answer is yes. They make more money than regular staff nurses. But not to generalize the answer, Travel Nurse Salary Payment depends on the states and other few factors.

Do you which to know how much travel nurses make in the United States? Below is the breakdown of how much travel nurses make. [2021 Updated]

What Makes Travel Nurse Salary Higher than Staff Nurse

Some of the staff nurses reading this article might not like the idea of travel nurses collecting higher salaries since they are the original staff nurses. But here are two (2) major reasons travel nurse collect fat salaries than staff nurse:

1) The higher the demand, the higher the salary

Travel nurse as you probably know attaches themselves to clinics, hospitals and other health facilities that sometimes need nurse workers due to one reason or the other. The higher these health facilities demand nurses, is most likely the juncture salary increases.

Travel Nurse Salary
Travel Nurse Salary:
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2) Total pay package

Unlike regular nurses, travel nurses are paid in full and they enjoy the privileges to receive an hourly wage payment with other extra bonuses. For instance, they are provided a well-furnished apartment or receive a stipend for houses depending on the agreement, food, and job-related expenses. This is not included in their income.

The best part of it all is that the payment they take home untouched by the tax because they are non-taxable. Since their housing, food, shelter, and taxes are been taken care of, they will definitely earn higher than regular nurse workers who pay taxes.

Travel Nurse Salary: How Must Do Regular Registered Nurse and  Travel Nurse Make [2021]

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), a registered nurse in the United States takes home an average salary of $71,730 per year while a travel nurse bags home at least $108,207 yearly in the United States.

Take, for instance, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) placed the salary of  Registered Nurse (RN) in New York at $41.16 while the travel nurse survey by ZipRecruiter placed the salary of a Travel Nurse at $48.87.

Please note that these are the average payments of the RN and TN in the United States. The specific amount of a travel nurse would be made known by the below factors:

  • The contract length
  • The position of nurse
  • The location of the health facilities you intend to work (Salaries varies in different states)

As earlier stated, a travel nurse’s salary will be larger than a staff nurse’s salary because as a travel nurse, you are being paid your wage hourly for carrying out your duty as a nurse with other extra stipends for housing and food. These are not part of your income. Only after you must have gotten these wages and stipends, and income without payment of tax you will realize how fat your salary as a travel nurse is.

Below is how Bonuses of a TR in the United States could look like:

Hourly Wage: $3,400

Sign-on bonus: $2,100

Food Stipend for a month: $700

Mileage Stipend for a month: $600

Housing Stipend for a month: $1,100

Continuing education stipend for a month: $450

The total monthly bonus payment is: $8,350

Other benefits of travel nurse include:

  • Dental insurance
  • Health insurance
  • life insurance
  • vision insurance, and
  • Retirement options

Base on your own accord, you could also seek the help of your financial expert and planner to help your crosscheck if the packages and benefits and payment is suitable for you before your journey or start travel nursing.

Highest paying locations In The United States for registered nurses

Are you a registered nurse in the United States and you are looking for the highest paying location for registered nurses, then you are in the right place. It is cardinal to know that, payment varies when the location of work is involved. Some states and cities in the United States pay higher when comparing to other states because of the high demand of nurses in that state, while some pay higher at a specified time of the year. For instance, during the winter months in Alaska, you have a higher probability of earning higher than winter months in Hawaii.

As a travel nurse, you could make more money in less popular areas that need more nurses in a year.

To make more money as a travel nurse, you must be able to seek high-paying locations like the cities and states in the United States. Bureau of Labor Statistics has examined, evaluated, and finalized the monetary value of registered nurses in locations in the U.S and has presently the Top ten (10) highest paying states for registered nurses in 2021 and they are:

Top ten (10) highest paying states for registered nurses in 2021

  • Washington with a yearly salary of $82,670 and an Hourly Wage  of  $39.75
  • New Jersey with a yearly salary of $82,750 and an Hourly Wage  of  $39.78
  • New York with a yearly salary of $85,610 and an Hourly Wage  of  $41.16
  • Nevada with a yearly salary of $85,620 and an Hourly Wage  of  $41.16
  • Alaska with a yearly salary of $89,310 and an Hourly Wage  of  $42.94
  • Oregon with a yearly salary of $91,080 and an Hourly Wage  of  $43.79
  • Massachusetts with a yearly salary of $92,140 and an Hourly Wage  of  $44.30
  • District of Columbia with a yearly salary of $92,350 and an Hourly Wage  of  $44.40
  • Hawaii with a yearly salary of $98,080 and an Hourly Wage  of  $47.16
  • California with a yearly salary of $106,950 and an Hourly Wage  of  $51.42

While amazed with these salary figures, the aforementioned Bureau of Labor Statistics data lists are just the average salaries for REGISTERED NURSE, and with this information, we have no doubt that Travel Nurse Salary in the mentioned areas would be relatively higher.

While you are getting ready to carry out your work as a travel nurse, you should carry on your little investigation concerning that location to know if the stipends will cover all living expenses like food, rent, and other additional expenses.

Working in High-Paying Special Branch as a Travel Nurse

As a travel nurse, working in locations that pay higher and fat salary is a big plus to you but have you thought about working in a high demanding branch or specialty? You may work as a normal travel nurse in one of the high-paying locations and would still make lots of money but working in a high demanding specialty earns you more money.

For example, Nurses who work in the below specialties are being paid more as a travel nurse. These specialties are:

  1. NICU
  2. ICU
  3. ER
  4. Orthopedics
  5. Labor and delivery
  6. Critical care
  7. OR
  8. PACU

If you intend to apply as a travel nurse in any of the locations and you are an expert in any of the aforementioned high demanding specialties, you should not forget to include that in your application and at the same time try to strike in a good payment deal with the employer before you carry out your nursing duties.

What are the Benefits of Travel Nursing Aside from The Huge Payment?

You might be thinking of other benefits of travel nursing apart from the massive payment involved. Well, aside from the fact that travel nursing earns a lot of money, they have other self-branded benefits like:

  • It is another way of expanding your resume
  • Showcase your nursing prowess which makes you stand a chance in more travel nursing deals
  • Boost your self-confidence
  • Makes you gain more dexterity
  • Increases trust
  • Make you gain first-hand experiences
  • It advances your nursing career
  • Have privileges to partake in skills that aren’t in your residence
  • Receive more coaching on your nursing career
  • It will give you the opportunity to travel, experience, and see the lives of other parts of the country.

Can Married Women Apply For Travel Nursing

Of course. Married women can apply for travel nursing if she wants to. If you don’t want to stay away from your family for too long, then you can apply for a short-term position, but if the stress with family isn’t much on you, you can go for the long-term position.


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