The Westport Flea Market

If you stay in Kansas City you probably must have heard of the Westport Flea Market is popularly known also as The Flea. Their local dinner has been in existence for over 30 years, and guess what? their Modus operandi has not changed ever since its existence bringing the nostalgic feeling. They decided to use the same pattern of operation to maintain their local history of service to their customers.
Ordering food at the bar?
The Flea as we are popularly known as has right from the beginning have a mindset to dish out customers’ food the way they want it with their special seasonings. All you have to do is place an order and before you know it, what you order is ready by, prepared by the flea master cooks. The master cooks are highly experienced as far as delicious food is concerned. After the meal is already prepared, you shall be called upon to get your meal at the cook window. At the Westport Flea Market, visitors always have it whichever way they want it.

Is hoopla The Best Burger?

Well, Hoopla burgers are the best burger you really need to try, they taste so nice that you will crave to get more. The Westport Flea Market gets their recipe from their best market, for instance, they get their beef from hometown legend McGonigle’s Market. The Westport Flea Market usually appears on Food Network well, you need no magician to tell you how good their burger is. You need to try their burger and see what a real deal of burgers taste like. If you know you are daring, you can partake in the Super Flea 5-Patty burger challenge.

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What does Super Flea 5-Patty burger challenge mean?

The Super Flea Burger is the process whereby the Westport Flea Market offers the challenger five (5) of their delicious 10oz burgers together with cheese & bacon. The challenger will then be given about 30 mins to finish every edible presented to him/her. If he emerges victoriously, he gets a cool t-shirt, a free meal, and their picture would be up on the wall of fame. The most interesting part is that nobody has been able to win such a challenge, but I think you can try this up.  This challenge is free.

Who Can Visit The Flea?

Well, the flea is opened to everyone whether you are on full tattoo sleeves, book dweeb with pocket protectors. What we are saying is, the flea is opened to everyone in the United States.

Can Customers pay with Credit Card?

Cash is considered the King. The management of Flea Market understands how confidential and sensitive your credit cards are, so in other for both parties to be on safer ground, Flea Market demand that their customers pay with cash. Did you come there with a credit card without knowing about their policy? you need not worry. Ther is an ATM on-site owned by the flea where you can withdraw your cash.

What about the funny-looking car parked at the flea front

Well, the name of the car is Burger-mobile purchased by the founder of Westport Flea Market known as Joe Zwillenberg. Joe Zwillenberg was taking a run through Central Park, and a veggie mobile caught his attention and he decided that a burger mobile be great for The Flea. In Fact, this crazy-looking car has been featured at The Food Network.

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The Best Burger in Kansas City (KC)

Do you want to know where to buy the best burger in Kansas City (KC)? The Westport Flea Market seems to be the place. The Food Network’s “Meat and Potatoes” ranked Westport Flea Market number one as far as the great burger is concerned. But seriously, even as their burger is great, you still need to try their Monday steak nights, believe me, you will surely come back.

You may go there for numerous activities like Trivia contests, pool, video games, or shuffleboard, live music, and the ever great burger well, we are pleased to tell you that The Flea Market will never disappoint you.

Westport Flea Market Bar & Grill

Aside from burgers at The Westport Flea Bar & Grill, they also offer several items which include Cajun Chicken Salad, BBQ Chicken Wings, and Bacon Cheeseburger. The good thing is that you can place an order and have the ordered edible delivered to you. The Flea Market is not far from the Kansas City Art Institute.

Where is Westport Flea Market Located

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