Steps to Secure A 2nd Class Upper In Imo State University

Steps to Secure A 2nd Class Upper In Imo State University
Steps to Secure A 2nd Class Upper In IMSU

Steps to Secure A 2nd Class Upper In Imo State University (IMSU).

Getting a 2nd class upper division in not just Imo State University but in Nigerian Universities at large is a very tasking job amongst students. That is why most average students see 2nd class as Mission Impossible.

Today, I’ll tell you secrets on how to get a 2nd class upper division at Imo State University because these were also the same secrets I used while I was an undergraduate.

Are you discouraged due to how bad your 100 level result is? Worry no more because I too, had a very poor grade in my 100 level results but I still came out with flying colors.

If you want to know the steps on how to Get A 2nd Class Upper In Imo State University, continue reading…

Steps To secure A 2nd Class Upper In Imo State University

1. Make books your best friend

A man is empty without knowledge. To be an excellent student, you have to be glued to your books and make it your best friend. Don’t just depend on what you hear, learn to read

When I was still an undergraduate student, 100 level, I hated to read and in fact, since I was not a fan of reading, I never wanted to near anything called a book. Things changed when my 100 level result came out, I was so sad that I learned to converse with my book till I became glued to it.

Steps to Secure A 2nd Class Upper In Imo State University
Steps to Secure A 2nd Class Upper In IMSU

2. Read extensively and do research works on related recommended books

If you want to be extraordinary, then you have to do something outstanding. You can’t keep repeating the same thing over and over again and expect a change.

Coming out with 2nd class upper isn’t an easy task so you have to work go it.
How extensively do you read? why not surprise your lecturer and give them something that would amaze them?

While reading, try to read works related to the recommended books so that when writing your examination, you can site references and examples from other related books you have read. This method helped me so much because it will inform your lecturer that you actually know what you are doing. And your lecturer will also know that you have read wide.

3. Make Friends with Intelligent People

As the quote implores that a man is not an island of himself. For you to progress in this life, you need well-wishers, friends, and people who are willing to lead you in the right direction.

During my pre-degree days, I walked with those that will surely impact positively in my life. Thanks to them, I was able to score above average in my exams.

These types of friends will influence your style of reading.

If you don’t understand a particular topic you can ask them for help so they can explain it better to you.

4. Do group readings with other coursemates

Group reading places a very vital role in a student’s academic performance.
Group reading is the process whereby students comes together in order to share thought and ideas over a particular topic/course.

In group readings, students tend to air out their views on a particular topic for better understand.

When I was still an undergraduate (200 level), I never for once missed group reading and it helped me a lot. In fact, there was a time I was almost blank on a particular course and exams were already knocking days ahead. I had to arrange for a group reading and I used the opportunity to ask questions and through this, I was able to get a ‘B’ grade in that course.

5. Observe your night reading in School or at home

I don’t know of other institutions but Night Classes at Imo State University (IMSU) is really amazing.

There, you will find lots of serious students burning the midnight candle, reading.

Why I prefer going for night reading in school is that, when you read there, you are not tempted to sleep because of the absence of a bed, fan, etc. There you will see people reading non-stop, and that alone can boast your zeal to read all night.

By saying this, it doesn’t mean reading at home is bad s. There are people who prefer reading at home.

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