Smithfield Cinemas: Ticket Price & All You Should Know

Smithfield Cinemas

Are you looking for the perfect Cinemas to catch fun with alone, with your family or lover? I guess you have not heard of Smithfield Cinemas.

But wait, seriously? you really haven’t heard of Smithfield Cinemas? man, you are really missing a lot.

All About Smithfield Cinemas

The Smithfield Cinemas is a multi-screen movie theater where you get to watch the top-notched latest movie releases with a great sound system. At Smithfield Cinemas, there is never a boring moment.

While you proceed to watch at the Cinemas, you are offered Popcorn and drink which is a normal routine for every cinema.

They also have different movie types that appeal to every age group from children to adults.

Yes, your relationship may be great but why not surprise the love of your life, by getting a ticket for two and give her a nice treat? Spice up that relationship with a ticket from Smithfield Cinemas and watch her love you more to the moon.

Smithfield Cinemas

Are you a daddy? then this is a fun moment you could take your children along with you. Like I said earlier, the Cinema has movies that appeal to every age group from children to adults. So don’t be scared that your children may bump into an adult content there because they would be much busy watching something else.

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Smithfield cinemas ticket Price

  • All tickets before 6 pm are sold at $7.50
  • All tickets after 6 pm vary in price. For instance
    1. Adults tickets after 6 pm are sold at $10
    2. Grandparents or elders from age 65+ tickets after 6 pm are sold at $7.50
    3. Children between age 4-12 tickets after 6 pm are sold at $7.50
    4. Student tickets after 6 pm are sold at $9
  • If you want to watch a 3D movie, It is required that you add an extra $3.00. This is applicable to both Adults, Students, and Children (except children at age 3 and under).
  • A group ticket is also allowed. See modalities and price here

Features of Smithfield Cinemas

  • Provision of 10 wall to wall screen
  • All seatings are in stadium form
  • The sounds are exceptional
  • Credit Cards like Master, Discover, Visa, America express are all accepted
  • You can buy a ticket online
  • You can also book an online ticket in advance
  • Before 6 pm, you can get a ticket at a discount
  • Digital 3D Movies

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Where is Smithfield Cinemas Located

The Cinema sits at 175 South Equity Dr. Smithfield, North Carolina (NC) 27577

Are Smithfield Cinemas Currently Hiring?

If you have other intentions of going to this Cinema aside to enjoy yourself with top-notched movies, then you are not left out. Are you in search of work at the Cinema? we are glad to notify you that Smithfield Cinemas are currently hiring and to spice it up, they are in search of an Assistant Manager Position.

What makes you eligible to work at this notable Cinema

  • You must be able to communicate effectively both written or verbal
  • Your leadership, training, and development prowess must be excellent
  • You must have knowledge of computers. Hardware and software knowledge
  • When under pressure, you must have the ability to work calmly
  • You must be a self-motivator and a problem solver
  • You should be capable of standing and walking for a long period of time
  • You must have at least a year of managing experience in the service-oriented field
  • You must have obtained a High school cert. or it’s equivalent.
  • See More requirements here

Application Link

To apply for the Assistant Manager Position Here, Click Here.

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