Rosewood Elite: All You Should Know

Do you wish to know about Rosewood Elite? and the benefits of booking with any of these agencies in any Rosewood properties around the world? then keep reading

About Rosewood Elite

If you might have probably heard of Rosewood hotels and resorts, then you would know that they have one of the best properties globally. They have grown to the level of building top-notched luxuries around the world. Their hotels are in China, England, Columbia, Mexico, Italy, France, California, and Cambodia. One beautiful thing about Rosewood hotels is that, whether you are lodging in the United States, England, or China, their professional and quality services to their visitors are typically out of the world.

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It will also amaze you to know that Brownell Travel Advisors are part of the Rosewood Elite program. Brownell Travel Advisors clients who stay at any of the properties of Rosewood definitely enjoy many amenities of the hotels compared to if they had booked directly or online. Do you want to know more about Rosewood Elite and its’ benefits? then you can contact them via 404-869-7412 or through their EMAIL.

Booking With Brownell Travel Advisors clients

Brownell Travel Advisors is well connected to all properties of Rosewood Hotels and has direct contact with all managers and vital staff of the hotel. This to make sure that all client’s coming from Brownell Advisors’ needs are met.

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More On The Relationship between Rosewood  and Brownell Travel

With the aim of expanding its brand, Rosewood has selected top agencies to be part of the Rosewood Elite. Note that, these agencies are hot cakes around the world. The Rosewood Elite is a program extended only to top travel agencies worldwide. All clients from Brownell Travel for instance enjoy all VIP treatment at any properties of Rosewood around the world. All thanks to a long-lasting communication and close relationship between them.

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