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Is your Information being Collected on this platform?

In all attempts of improving our website for a better experience to our users, we collect your data anytime you visit our website.

How do we collect your Data?

You may find our updates interesting and you might want to receive a notification on your email each time we update our website then you subscribe to our newsletter. By subscribing to our newsletter, you have given us some of your information because we may require your name, email address, etc

We also collect some technical data like your location, browser information, IP address, number of pages you visited, analyze trends when you visit our website

How is your Information Vital to Us?

As a user, your information is very important to us. Because we know when you visit our page, and how long you have stayed on a particular page, if we notice that a particular page doesn’t add value to our user through our bounce rate from the third-party tool like Google Analytic, we quickly go and add more value to that page.

  • So your information helps us improve our blog and webpages.

We also send vital notifications to our audiences through emails provided by them. (You can unsubscribe anytime if you don’t need our notification again)

Do we share your information with a Third-Party?

The answer is Yes!! We share your data to a third-party due to three (3) reasons. Read how below;

  • We might be pushed to share information when we notice a future threat which includes fraudulent activities, or any potential threats that involves lives and properties. We strongly reject Illegal activities and shall not be a party to any.
  • We also share information to a Third-Party Advertising Networks to display Ads for you each time you visit our website. These advertising networks makes use of your information in order to serve Ads better on services that might interest you. Example of such Ad Network is (Google AdSense)
  • Google may shows you ad that relates with the information you are reading at that very point in time.
  • Just as our users are important to us, our business partners are also very important to us too. We share your information to them so they could offer you vital products and services.

Who are Allowed to read this Website?

This website gives information on Education matters so all Students and Parents across Nigeria can access this website. The website is suitable for children of 13 years and above.

Links to other sites

Our site is trustworthy so we know a trustworthy site when we see one. 

We link to other sites if we find any information that might be useful to our audiences. These websites also have their privacy policies which may be different from ours’. We do not have control over their Privacy Policy.

If after reading our privacy policies, you still need more information, you can contact us via the Contact Us page.

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Please note that, this privacy policy can be amended without public notification.