Popular English and Literary Studies Lecturers in IMSU & What You Should Know About them

Here are The Popular English and Literary Studies Lecturers in IMSU & What You Should Know About them.

Are you an aspirant or a new student of English and Literary Studies, Imo State University (IMSU)? Then this is for you and trusts me, this information will help you in a long run in the department.

As an aspirant or a new student of the department, you might want to know few things about the popular lecturers in the English and Literature department like their names, the courses they lecture on, their behavior toward students for some reason best known to you. Well, this information will give you all you need to know about them.

So What are The 5 popular English and Literary Studies Lecturers in IMSU & What are the things you should know about them? Continue reading to know..

Popular English and Literary Studies Lecturers in IMSU & What You Should Know About them

Before I proceed, I want to firstly Inform you that all Lecturers in English & literary studies are amazing and highly intelligent. They have put in their energy for the sake of impacting positively on the academic performance of English and Literary Students.

1. Dr. Oyeama Christabel (Language)

Dr. Oyeama Christabe, a lecturer in the language section is not just a lecturer but a woman every student in the department looks Up to as a mother and teacher. Without a doubt, she is the most liked lecturer in English and Literary studies.

Recently, she was appointed as the new H.O.D of English and Literary studies due to her outstanding input on the student academic performance.

She has also received lots of awards at the department and faculty level as an outstanding lecturer. You hardly fail her course because she makes sure all her students understand the course she teaches before exams.

She also advises students on what to do in case they are in a difficult situation.

As a student, in case you don’t understand her you can always walk up to her for advice.

2. Professor Isodore Diala (Literature)

He is in the literature section and he is a well-known Professor not just in English and Literary studies but on Imo State University (IMSU) at large.

He belongs to the IMSU senate committee and he is looked upon as a mentor even by other lecturers.

He is very intelligent that the students of English and Literature were previously complaining that they couldn’t understand what he usually taught because of his high spoken grammar and sophisticated usage of language not until they found new tactics to understand his teaching which Is through recording. When they record his teaching, they go back home to read what they recorded.

And hey, his marking scheme is tough, so braze yourself and read hard. He loves students who read broadly like reading outside the recommended books that are related to that course.

He also love students using good dictions when writing his exams.

3. Prof. Anyanwu (Language)

He is a language (Linguistic) lecturer with a good heart who wants every of his student to pass his course with ease. His exam questions are very easy and the same goes for his marking scheme.

There was a day I couldn’t finish reading his course before entering the exam hall and to my surprise, I wrote the exams in my understand and got a ‘B.’

He is indeed God’s sent as a blessing into the English and literature department.

4. Professor Jasper (Literature)

He is kind-hearted and just like Prof. Anyanwu, he never wants to fail anybody.

He is a father and well-respected in not just the English department but IMSU at large. Why I love him more is that his grading score never passes ‘D.’

5. Dr. Mr. Nwulu (Literature)

If there is any word that is above intelligent, then I’d gladly and proudly use it for Dr. Nwulu.

While teaching, he always wears this wonderful smile, in fact, his smile alone will make you understand that class.

He doesn’t bring his lecture books into the lecture hall or looks at his books while teaching.

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