Minnesota Mobile Interior Detailing

The Minnesota Mobile Detailing is a company that is owned locally and has its major focus on auto detailing. The company provides outstanding interior detailing. The company also makes provision for pick up and drop off service in company with their interior and exterior detailing at their shop site which sits at 3901 Foss Rd Minneapolis MN 55421.

​Another branch of the shop is located in Twin Cities for those who are finding it hard to access an electrical outlet or heated garage when it is the month of winter month in their location. 

About Us Minnesota Mobile Interior Detailing

The Minnesota Mobile Interior Detailing no doubt is well-known for the mobile detailing services it renders. Their works in car detailing have earned them their reputations far and near. Their working teams are ever ready to handle most jobs professionally and to make sure the results come out positive. The Minnesota Mobile Detailing no doubt does not see visitors as customers but as friends. The company builds long-lasting friends and long time relationships to protect their investment.

The management knows how important your time and car are that is why they offer quality services to their customers on their interior detailing. The company’s team works really hard to make sure they provide a top-notched service to their customers making their automobile new again.

Interior Detailing

The company provides complete interior detailing packages and these include:

  • Price for SUVs/Trucks Starting goes for $155
  • Price for Cars  Starting goes for $135
  • Minivans Starting price goes for $175


Hand Washes

The company also offers Hand Washes. It is done only at the shop location. The price goes for $49.99.

Package for all hand wash includes:

  • Provision of Hand Dry
  • Provision of Hand Dry
  • Provision of Rims & Tire Shine 


Pick Up & Drop Off Services

You can also contact the company to come to pick up your car at your location, detail it and return it to your base. The Detailers at Minnesota Mobile Interior Detailing have a very clean record of handling and driving cars carefully so, be rest assured that your car would be returned to your location in perfect shape.


Paint Correction & Ceramic Coatings

is your car paint fading away and you want the paint of your automobile to be restored? the Minnesota Mobile Interior Detailing can rejuvenate your car’s paintwork, leaving it sparkling and shining. The paint correction removes any car surface imperfection.

Paint Correction

The paint correction and ceramic coatings remove bird droppings, swirl marks, water stains, fine scratches, etc.

Ceramic Coatings:

  • It maintains the neatness of your vehicle
  • It removes mud and dirt from your car
  • Amplifies gloss
  • It protects your car from UV damage
  • Protection against chemical stain

Please note that, before you make use of Ceramic Coating, you have to first take out all imperfection before applying the coating.

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While applying the Ceramic Coating Package, a paint correction must be included.

Categories for Ceramic Coating Package and Prices 
Premier for 6 Months$650
Poly for 1 Year$950
Quartz Plus for 4 Years$1295


Glass Coating Protection

A coated glass surface will fight off rain, dirt, spots of water and of course increases the defrosting speed. If your glasses are always sticky to ice and snow, the coated glass will make them easier to remove.

  • Individual Door Glass goes for $25
  • Rear Glass goes for $50
  • Windshield goes for $75


Fabric Coating Protection

Do you love your car and want to fight off annoying dirt, stains, liquid without a single alteration of your car’s appearance, flexibility, and shape? then this service is for you.

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  • Individual Front Seat goes for $75
  • Floormats and Carpet goes for $50
  • Complete Interior Seats goes for $25


Leather Coating Protection

Protects leather helps protect your car from stains, unwanted liquid, dye, ink, and UV radiation. You can get this service from the Minnesota Mobile Interior Detailing at an affordable rate.

  • Individual Front Seat goes for $80
  • Back Row Seat goes for $100
  • Complete Interior Seats goes for $250

Contact of Minnesota Mobile Interior Detailing

The Minnesota Mobile Interior Detailing is located in Minneapolis, MN, USA.

You can also call 612 986 – 4666.

Visit their official website at mnmobileinteriordetailing.com

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