Is There Palimony in Florida

After a breakup, some couples may need compensation or support payment even those they never got married, This is referred to as “palimony.”

Is There Palimony in Florida

No, There is no Palimony in Florida, or in other words, Florida is not a palimony state.

Be that as it may, do you need support financially on the ground of break up and know more about your constitutional right to pursue alimony, then we, in good faith are willing to help by understanding the circumstances and giving you the best solutions that concern the case and our teams are ever ready to work with you on the case immediately. Delay is dangerous, don’t wait.

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What Is Palimony vs Alimony?

People confuse themselves with what Palimony and alimony really are. Although they are similar they are not the same. While Palimony means demanding financial support from the person you previously dated (but didn’t marry) with the aim of using legal means even though it is non-legal, alimony is a known legal term of payment whereby the spouse with the higher payment makes payment to the lower-earning spouse after they might have gone wilderness apart or separated from marriage through divorce.

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Does Florida Acknowledges Palimony?

As earlier stated, palimony is not considered a legal term in Florida therefore, palimony is not acceptable.

Maybe you have been in a relationship for a very long time then your spouse promised to marry you and later married someone else, such a case does not carry a legal term to seek financial support.

The reason these cases aren’t handled in Florida is that you guys were never married so you can not enjoy the privilege to claim any financial support from your boyfriend or fiance after a breakup.

As I have earlier stated, if you need help to get a financial settlement after you and your spouse are no more together, we are ever ready to help you see that you receive reasonable financial support. As for those who were not married before a breakup, we are also willing to give you the best advice on what to do. Just contact us.

Is There Palimony in Florida

How Can One Be Qualify for Palimony in Florida?

Palimony as earlier stated is similar to alimony but they are not the same. In Alimony, a spouse is compelled within the jurisdiction of the court to make a financial settlement to the other with lower payment after divorce. If the other spouse who wants a divorce doesn’t complete the financial support to the other, the court won’t finalize the divorce process. These privileges are enjoyed by those who are legally married. If you were unmarried before splitting, you are not qualified to proceed with this case except in some conditions which are stated below.

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How Can I Get A Palimony in Florida?

In the state of Florida, Palimony is not recognized but you could still get good palimony pursues if you are smart enough. How do you get palimony? well, not too easy. When you are in a long relationship with your spouse, make sure your document written accordance stating that your partner consents to future support then you can locate and talk to an attorney in Florida. With this evidence of an agreement, it is possible to pursue a financial support

Also, aside from the written agreement between you and your partner concerning your future settlement, it is advised that you should also make a vocal agreement too to strengthen the case you are presenting to your attorney.

Another way to get a palimony suit is when a spouse and partner purchasing of properties together which after purchasing carries the title of just one partner. That could be a very strong suit too. This goes to say that if you had previously contributed to housing, car, or any property that bears the other partner’s titles, a fair judgment would be passed in a way you both walk home with an almost equal or equal share. All your share contributed to any property shall be compensated.

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Pursue the Financial Support You Need!

We know you might be heartbroken and confused about what to do when after a divorce. Instead of being confused or cry all day, why not stand, cheer up and look for a quick solution by contacting a qualified attorney who will help you recover all future financial support. If you have a lawyer already, try contacting him immediately to proceed to action. If not, contact (904) 701-0591 today for quick action.

In case you are not married yet and have no recorded or written evidence from your spouse consenting to your future support, we are sorry to say, our hands are tied in such a situation because Palimony is not allowed in Florida. But we could still help in case you guys are still together.

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