Is It Worth Registering a Pre-degree Program In IMSU for 2020/21 Session?

Registering a Pre-degree Program In IMSU for 2020/21

Is It Worth Registering a Pre-degree Program In IMSU for 2020/21 Session?

Gain admission in Nigeria Universities is not an easy task that is why many students have resolved to go through numerous programs like Pre-degree/Remedial or JUPEB so their chance of gaining admission would be high.

I graduated from secondary school in the year 2012 with flying colors. Gaining admission to any University then was very difficult.

I selected the University of Nsukka as my preferred

My WAEC was outstanding which prompted me to register for JAMB examination. I scored 258 in my JAMB and I proceeded to partake in the University of Nsukka (UNN) Post UTME which I also came out in flying colors in my Post UTME.

I was really happy that I was going to be at the University just a few months after graduating from secondary school, or so I thought.

Registering a Pre-degree Program In IMSU for 2020/21

To my greatest surprise, I couldn’t secure any admission.

The same thing happened the next year. I was troubled so I had settle for IMSU Pre-degree program for the 2013/14 session.

After one year of my pre-degree, I was able to secure my admission into English and Literary studies.

I was really happy because it wasn’t an easy road.

So back to the question below..

Is It Worth Registering a Pre-degree Program In IMSU for 2020/21 Session?

My answer is a “Big Yes” Pre-degree at Imo State University is worth it.

Pros of Pee-degree in IMSU

1. The Pros of pre-degree in Imo State University (IMSU) is that you must surely gain admission into the University no matter your score in the pre-degree examination

2. The Lecturers are very intelligent

3. You will get to refresh your brain on what you might have forgotten back in secondary schools.

4. You will get familiar with the school environments.

5. It makes you prepare for a degree program.

Cons of Pre-degree in IMSU

1. The pre-degree program in IMSU is costly

2. If you fail JAMB, you will not be admitted into the institution and the money you spent would be gone

3. Funds are non-refundable

4. If after writing the Predegree exam you have a low score in your result, the school might not give you your desired course.

What Is Pre-degree

Pre-Degree is said to be the process whereby a secondary school student applies and proceed to an advanced institution In order to get physically and mentally ready for challenges and obtaining of a Degree.

As the name goes ‘pre’ meaning ‘Before’ so we could actually put it like ‘before-degree’ but for professional sake, it is been called pre-degree.

How Pre-degree Works

After buying the form and doing your registrations, you will start by attending lectures.

You will have to complete the (2) semesters be for you can be considered for Admission.

If after writing JAMB, and unfortunately failed, you will not be allowed to continue the second semester as you will have to drop.

If you pass JAMB examination, be rest assured that you will be given admission to study a degree in IMSU. All you have to do is put a little more effort into your second-semester exams.

If you perform below average, you will get admitted but your desired course won’t be given to you that is why reading is important.

I wish you success.

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