Indian Springs Calistoga: Price, Location, Pool, and Others

Right there in the most atmospheric beautiful Napa valley. Get to find out the immemorial and prominent resort. Indian Springs Calistoga is a place everyone who loves fun and relaxation would want to visit. The Indian Springs Calistoga accommodation is like no other comprising bungalows, cottages, Mission Revival-style. The spring has two to three-bedroom which advances within the 17 acres the purview of its domain and each room give a different and special taste of view and entirely different feelings.

The outdoor of Indian Springs Calistoga brings you closer to the environment and indoor is an eccentric beauty. Indian Springs Calistoga is historic and in fact, for over a century, visitors from different locations come to Indian Springs Calistoga for better relaxations and contentment.

The Springs is situated in California and considered one of the original springs in California with spa-like experiences like mud bath area, mineral waters, and other special spas treatments you could imagine of. The area also features wonderful restaurants named Sam’s Social Club and no doubt it has been confirmed that their vast menus are not only enjoyed by visitors but also the locals around too.

Brief History About Indian Springs Calistoga

Many people still think the Springs started recently or some century ago. Well, it will surprise you to know that the Indian Springs was formed with the eruption of Mt. Konocti a million years ago of about 20 miles away. As a result of this circumstance, volcanic ash settled on the earth’s surface thereby creating an opening on the earth. As a result of this event, the water below the ground became very hot reaching magma at a depth of 4,000 before it returned to a hot spring of 230 degrees Fahrenheit

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Indian Springs Calistoga Pools

Of course, you may be thinking this is one of your regular pools but sorry to say, this one is exceptional because it is a healing pool and it is located in the marrow of the Springs. It may interest you to know that visitors from different places come this spring for the sole purpose of experiencing the healing miracle of the natural warm spring

In the year 1913, the center’s main pool was established and it is Olympic-sized and without a doubt, it is also considered one of the largest pools in the whole of California. The spring also has a pool for adults which is more personal, petite, and calmer. The adult pools are also in a cooler place separate from the other mineral pools.

Have a good time with a nice swimming experience and explorations of the pool. The good part is, the pool is opened till midnight and allows guests to enjoy the hands of nature.

You may get tired of swimming or become thirsty and might want to quench your thirst, there are chilled alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks at the side of the pool. You could also grab some inviting snacks. Please note that bringing food or drinks from outside is prohibited.

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Accommodation In Indian Springs Calistoga

As earlier stated, the Springs Calistoga has different types of accommodation you could select from and enjoy your visit. Their accommodations range from bungalows, cottages, view rooms, lodge, house, and they are all located within their 17 acres with a nice view.

The rooms of any of these accommodations have mindblowing and outstanding amenities and they are listed below.

Room Amenities

    • Availability of Wi-Fi
    • Provision of Flat-screen TV
    • CD player
    • Radio player
    • Air conditioning available
    • Provision of a mini-fridge
    • pressing iron
    • Provision of snacks and mineral water
    • Coffee
    • Tea

As a visitor, the average time to check in is 4 p.m. and your checking-out should be around 12 p.m.


In Indian Springs, there is a resort named Sam, and it was named after the founder of the resort Samuel Brannan. If after your wonderful and splendid relaxation and day in the spring you decide to have a taste of any dish in Sam’s at Indian Springs, then you are not in the wrong place. The tasty food is directed by the executive chef Sergio Morales together with his crew. As a visitor, you are free to have dinner, lunch, and supper at Sams’ because it is opened to everyone.


The adult pool at the Springs is petite, calmer, and more personal. This is a calm and covered place where adults get some relaxation in a cosmopolitan ambient. The lush landscaping contributes to its privacy. At night, the light there makes it available for visitors to have a good evening swimming.


Of course, there are hundreds of springs and hot springs in the United States but hardly will you see them with abundant thermal mineral water but this is not so with Indian Springs Calistoga. Visitors can soak themselves in the healing mineral water with lots of health and mental benefits.

Where is Indian Springs Calistoga Located

Indian Springs sits at Napa Valley’s northern end at number 1712 Lincoln Avenue in Calistoga (CA 94515). The spring is known to be the oldest operating pool and spa in California.

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Phone Number: (707) 709-8139

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