Indian Hot Springs, Idaho Springs, Price, Location, & Guide

Please note that Indian Springs Calistoga in California and Indian Hot Springs in Colorado are different springs but serve a similar purpose in terms of the spa, pool, and accommodation areas.

Indian Hot Springs in Colorado is a spring that is vastly admired and serves as an attractive destination for visitors from other parts of the states in the United States and the locals. To get more information about their reservations or bookings and ask for precise directions to this wonderful centre, you can visit their official website here.

Be that as it may, we will try as much as possible to cover numerous activities and events at Indian Hot Springs.

Historic Indian Hot Springs

The Springs water of Indian Hot Springs is very pure and it contains minerals with a degree of 125. Forget your worries and come soak yourself in this blessed spring and couple it up with a therapeutic massage.

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The swimming pool at Indian Hot Springs is endowed with hot minerals measured at 115° and has a temperature of 90° to 100°. The pool has no age limit. Adults and children of all ages are free to come to have a bath at the pool. There is a stipulated timing for bathing at the pool. It opens at 9:00 am and closes at 10:00 pm throughout the year.

Pool Prices Per Person

Indian Hot Springs
Indian Hot Springs

Prices for the Pool

  • From Monday to Thursday, the price goes for $18.00 per person throughout the day. (First come, first serve)
  • From Friday to Sunday, the price goes for $20.00 per person for 1 hour. (You are allowed to book for reservation)
  • While making an appointment for Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, it is recommended that you book 14 days in advance. And make sure you paid at the time of your booking.
  • After 48 hours of payment, your payment is non-refundable neither your scheduled time be rescheduled

You can book BOOK POOL HERE or text their reservation customer care at 720-663-9774 to attend to you. Price would be adjusted on arrival for combination pass upgrades.

Geo-Thermal Caves in Indian Hot Springs

indian hot springs

Between 1903 and 1911, the cave stirred into the solid rock mountainside intending to establish an exceptional amenity like the Geo-Thermal Caves. In each of the tub, there is a walk-in hot tub which is so endowed with natural hot mineral water. The temperature of this hot mineral water ranges from 104° to 112°. Putting on clothes is optional as there is privacy there. Children under the age of 17 are not allowed into the cave. The cave opens at 7:30 am and closes at 10:30 pm throughout the year

Prices for the Geo-Thermal Caves

  • Per person is to pay $22.00 from Monday to Thursday
  • Per person is to pay $24.00 from Friday to Sunday and Holidays

Notice: As earlier stated, the cave entry would be limited due to the first come first serve policy.

Outdoor Jacuzzis in Indian Hot Springs

The hot mineral water at the outdoor jacuzzi can reach a range of 108°. The modern Jacuzzi tubs are secured by the three sides with a 6ft cedar fence for privacy purposes. The Jacuzzi tube is placed on a Redwood deck making visitors at the pool able to view the mountains and the sky unlimitedly.

Prices for the Outdoor Jacuzzi

  • Prices for bathing in these tubs vary within the week
  • From Monday to Thursday, visitors will pay the sum of $24.50 per person, hourly
  • From Friday to Sunday, or during any holidays, visitors will pay $27.50 per person
  • Visitors can book reservations in advance
  • A guest may want to bath in the tub alone: a single person in a jacuzzi will incur an extra charge of $10


Indoor Private Baths 

indian hot springs









Just as the name implies, the indoor baths are private and it has 11 private rooms. The mineral hot water reaches up to 108° and each of the tubs is 8 feet in length, 4 feet wide, and 3 feet deep. There is a bench in there in case you may want to take some rest during your soaking period. Also, the indoor bathroom is equipped with a shower. The room also allows visitors to make reservations for one hour. It has no age limit as everyone both family and friends are allowed to have a bath together.

Prices for the indoor baths

  • Per visitor will pay the sum of $22.00 for 1 hour every Monday to Thursday
  • Per visitor will pay the sum $24.00 for 1 hour every Friday to Sunday or during Holidays
  • Elderly people at the age of 60+ would be granted a discount of $4.00 every Mondays to Thursdays
  • You can make a reservation too.
  • For the private bath reservation, you should text the following number 720-663-9774. You should make available your names and the time you want to make your reservations.
  • Note that, until your reservation is confirmed by text, it is not yet guaranteed.

Club Mud








The clay is rich in minerals as it helps soak up the toxins from your body and tighten up your body. After bathing from the clay mud, you can rinse away the mud from your body only then will you feel the goosebumps, and smoothness of your skin and hairs.

Prices for the Clay Mud Bath

  • It will cost the sum of $15.00 per person to have a clay mud bath
  • Children who are less than 16 years old will not be allowed to soak themselves in the clay mud

Accommodations in Indian Hot Springs

The good news about this Indian Hot Springs is that there are accommodations for overnight guests located at the Historic Main Resort Building and this accommodation includes Lodge, Inn, and Cabin.


  • More than 2 people are not allowed to occupy a room with a queen or a king bed
  • 3 pm to 10 pm is the appropriate  time for check-in
  • Note that, late checking out is not welcomed. As a visitor, you should do well to check out at 1 am.
  • Children who are 20 years old and below will not be allowed to order a reservation.
  • Credit cards and matching ID would be needed.
  • You are advised to come with your fan if you have an intention of booking any of the apartment because the accommodation does not have air conditioning. Though, there are ceiling fans.

The Resort 







Although at a normal look at the room in the main resort you could see how beautiful and attractive it looks it was originally built in 1905. As the years pass by, it was remodified and more amenities were added.

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Although, even though it has been remodified, it still carries the style and settings for what it was known for in those days. Noteworthy people like Frank and Jesse James did not only come to relax in this resort, they also soak in what was popularly called “Saratoga of the Rockies”.

Prices of Rooms

  • $79.50 including tax for the queen. Maximum of 2 persons.
  • $122.25 including tax for Suite with full bath maximum of 2 persons.
  • During Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and the Holidays, your stay at the accommodations will incur an extra charge of $15.

The Inn 

Indian Hot Springs







The Inn was established in the year 1981 to offer their visitors a comfortable modern room for their relaxation. Visitors tend to have a better relaxation here because of the availability and the combination of tub and shower coupled with coffee maker.

Prices of Rooms

  • $86.25 including tax for King bed with a maximum number of 2 people
  • $91.50 including tax for Two Doubles with a maximum number of 4 people
  • An additional $15 would be added every Friday, Saturday, and during Holidays.

The Lodge







In the year 1996, the lodge was established. This lodge has gone miles to create a wonderful environment for the comfort of its visitors.

Prices of Rooms

  • Price is $93.75 including tax for a King bed with a maximum number of 2 people
  • The price is $99.00 including tax for Two Doubles with a maximum number of 4 people
  • Price is $105.75 including tax for the suite with a maximum number of 2 people
  • An additional $15 would be added every Friday, Saturday, and during Holidays.








Along the Soda Creek, you will see the beautiful Cabin which was specially designed for couples or families. Inside the Cabin are a queen bed, a set of a bunk bed, kitchen amenities, a deck, a living room and a good bathroom.

Prices of Rooms

  • The price is $149.25 including tax with a maximum number of 4 people.
  • An additional $15 would be added every Friday, Saturday, and during Holidays.

Refund and Cancellation Policy

  • All apartment reservations would be booked with the use of credit cards
  • Within 48 hours, you may be able to cancel your reservations without the management giving you a penalty
  • Before your arrival date, you would be charged after 2 full days to your arrival date


Spa in Indian Hot Springs

The Indian Hot Springs is a place you should be if you want to enjoy all qualities a spa has to offer. The spa services do numerous activities from head to toe. Get to experience wonderful massages coupled with the natural hot mineral water; this is an experience that you can’t afford to miss.

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You have to book an appointment to experience and enjoy any of the spa services which includes the pool, massage, or cave bath

  • The cave only carries 10 people who came first because it is a first come first serve policy.
  • Massage at the spa will employ the use of the pool or cave
  • All reservations would be carefully followed according to time
  • You would be allowed to reserve a time in the spring once you have made your payment
  • Upgrading to a private bath will cost you an additional $10 on regular weeks and $12 on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays.

Temporary Policy due to COVID-19

The COVID-19 Pandemic had changed a few-mode of operations in the Indian Hot Springs, Idaho. While coming, please do well to follow the Covid-19 protocols to keep both you and the therapy safe.

These Covid-19 protocols include the followings;

  • You and the therapy should never forget to put on your face mask
  • A waiver would be presented to you which you will sign to confirm that you have no symptoms of Covid-19
  • Your temperature would also be checked

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