How far is Arizona from Texas by Car, Plane, Bicycle, & Foot

Traveling to different places can be really fun but the big question is, can you keep up with the fun that comes with traveling or you may get bored of it? Before making a trip, what should come to your mind first is, what is the distance from your base to your desired destination. Let’s say you are in Texas, going to Arizona, questions that should ring in your mind are, how far is Arizona from Texas? Am I traveling by Car, Plane, bicycle, or on foot?

Below gives details on travel distance by air, car, bicycle, and foot.

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How far is Arizona from Texas With a Car?

  • The distance from Arizona to Texas by Road is 1,328.9 km which is approximately 825.7 miles. It will take you about 13 hr 20 min to reach your destination

How far is Arizona from Texas With a Plane?

  • The distance from from the two states by Air is 1,070 km which is approximately 665 miles. You will get to Arizona within 1 hour, 19 minutes with you are traveling at the speed of 560 miles via airplane.

Distance between Texas and Arizona on Bicycle or Foot

  • If traveling with a Bicycle, you are expected to reach your destination between 69 – 70 hrs.
  • If you are traveling on foot, you are expected to reach your destination within 258 – 260 hrs

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Texas In the United States

Texas’s GPS Coordinates (DMS) are:

  • 31° 58´ 6.9600” North, and 99° 54´ 6.5160” West

Texas Latitude and Longitude:

  • 31.96860 Latitude and -99.90181 longitude

Texas Altitude:

  • 571 m

Arizona in the United States

Texas’s GPS Coordinates:

  • 34° 2´ 56.1480” N, and 111° 5´ 37.4280” W

Texas Latitude and Longitude:

  • 34.04893, and -111.09373

Texas Altitude:

  • 1535 m

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