Hiking The Wave Without A Permit: All You Need to Know

After some you must have applied for series of The Wave hiking and not was granted to you, what comes to your mind next is Hiking The Wave Without A Permit. Well, since you haven’t done this particular crime, don’t do it.

The Wave sits at Coyote Buttes North area, between the border of Arizona and Utah. Hiking the wave is really great just like many other hiking locations around the globe. For instance, Upper Mustang which is located in Nepal is known to be a deserted area in the Himalayas. Many believes that hiking in Upper Mustang, Nepal gives a similar feeling like hiking the wave.

The Wave no doubt is incredible views that have surrounding sandstone features. The application process of The Wave is highly competitive that is why those granted permission to visit The Wave are usually few. Do you wish to apply, you can apply through the online lottery system.

While you might get frustrated with The Wave application, have in mind that many people are also trying much as possible to also get a permit like you. In the Year 2017, The Wave permit applicants were over 170,000 with just 7,300 granted permits.

So you see, over 1700,000 applied, and 7,300 were granted permits. This is to give you a clearer picture that the applicants are really much and the intake is very low.

According to the management of The Wave, they receive at least 500 to 800 people applying for permits per day during the slowest month of the year. Imagine the management saying in their slowest month, that means normal day application could exceed 1000.

What If You Enter The Wave Without Permission

Trust me, this is something you don’t want to do. Please if you have such thinking in your mind, strike it out immediately because that is an expensive thinking.

If you enter The Wave without a permit, you would definitely be caught and prosecuted according to the law of the United State. If you are caught, you will have to pay a fine of $1,000 to $10,000 and you also risk going to jail for a month. Furthermore, for your misconduct, you will be permanently banned from applying again in the future.

Also, if you think of sneaking in, trust me, there is no way you are sneaking out because there is a tight security known as BLM Ranger who is mounted at the entrance where they will check each hiker’s permit in search of sneakers and trespassers. If you are caught, you will be arrested, handcuffed, and hand over to the local police.

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How Can I Get A Permit To The Wave

To get a permit for The Wave, you should apply through the in-person lottery or the online lottery. Of course, everyone knows it is very difficult to get a permit but that doesn’t mean it is not possible

Even though getting a permit is hard, below is the best way to apply for The Wave hiking permit:

  • Apply through the walk-in permit lottery
  • Do your application during the weekdays, and
  • off-season
Hiking The Wave Without A Permit
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Conclusion to Hiking The Wave Without A Permit

Hiking at The Wave Without A Permit is what you should not try doing. If you have been thinking of sneaking into The Wave, I would advise that you die down such thinking not to land yourself into trouble.

If you really want to visit The Wave, then you do that in all honesty by following the right channel and applying through the in-person lottery or the online lottery. A picture on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook is not worth the trouble you will pass through if you are eventually caught.

If you think you can sneak in and sneak out, please have a rethink again because there is a 99.99% percent that you will be caught. The BLM Ranger is highly on alert to grab any trespasser and make him face the strict law attached to such crime.

If after you have applied for a permit multiple times and you weren’t granted any permit, you should not overthink yourself over that, after all, you are not the first and you will not be the last. You can complement your disappointment by visiting different places in the United States. There are fun places you can go to and still feel happy.

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