Germany visa requirements for Nigerians

Germany visa requirements for Nigerians, what are the requirements to visit Germany on a business trip, as a student, on health grounds, transit, and work? All these will be explored in this article.
Germany is known to be the powerhouse of Europe due to its colossal economy.  Germany is one of the safest countries in the world plus it has rich cultures, histories, different cosines, outdoor activities, and very beautiful cities. ITB Berlin is the home to the world’s leading trade fairs and it is located in Germany. 
The country houses one of the biggest annual events in the world known as Oktoberfest which attracts at least 7 million tourists to the country, and it takes place in Munich between September and October. When you go to Germany as a tourist, you get the opportunity to partake in most of their winter sports like bobsledding, alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, and a lot more in different regions of the country. 
Even as you may love to visit Germany as a Nigerian, the big question you should ask yourself is, what are the German visa requirements for Nigerians
Due to the qualities the country has to offer, it has attracted millions of people globally into the country and is now ranked the ninth most visited country in the world. It was recorded that over 30.4 million international tourists visited Germany making the country generate $38 billion from international tourists alone in 2012. Tourism in Germany contributes to at least 4.5% of Germany’s GDP and has been a source of income to people creating over 2 million jobs.
To enter Germany, you should make sure you have at least €10,000 or its equivalent if not, you won’t be allowed into the country.

Germany visa requirements for Nigerians

Types of Germany Visa, Processing time, and Duration of Stay

Types of VisaProcessing TimeStay Duration
Tourist Visa10 - 15 days90 days
Business Visa10 - 15 days90 days
Medical Visa10 - 15 days90 days
Student Visa10 - 30 daysLonger than 90 days
Work Visa10 - 30 daysLonger THAN 90 days
Transit Visa10 - 15 days24 hours

General Germany visa requirements for Nigerians

  1. You must possess a passport that is valid for more than 6 months for the period you plan on leaving the country. There must be two blank spaces in the passport for necessary stamps.
  2. Must be able to fill out your visa application correctly and it must be signed by you
  3. Should have two (2) passport-sized photographs with a white background. The photo should be in line with the visa application specification.
  4. You should be able to present your bank statement for the past three (3) months prior to the time of your visa application. This is to prove that you have a steady inflow of income or funds.
  5. Must have travel insurance that its medical coverage is sufficient. This insurance will last you for the duration you are going to stay in Germany
  6. Must provide proof of civil status.
  7. Provide proof of accommodation you are going to stay for the duration of time in the country.
  8. Provide a copy of your return ticket
  9. Travel itinerary.

Germany Tourist Visa Eligibility & Requirements

  • If you intend to go to Germany for recreation, relaxation, sightseeing, or a fun-filled event, this type of visa is for you.
  • Nigerians who have the intention of visiting their friends, family members in Germany can also go-ahead to apply for the visa.
    • What your family member or friend needs to do is to sign the guarantor’s form, and it will be issued by the appropriate authority in Germany
  • You should provide your residence permit together with a copy of your host’s passport and page.
  • Applicants of German visa who is already employed in their home country should provide a letter from their employer. This letter must introduce the applicant, confirm that the applicant works with them and that they are aware of the applicant’s leave.
  • If the applicant is self-employed, then he/she should provide a Certificate of Incorporation of the business or company, also, the bank statement of the company for the past three months.
  • Minors will not be allowed to travel except they are accompanied by a guardian or parent(s).
    • Applicants who are minors should provide a birth certificate original copy as well as an authorization signed by both parents of the minor
  • You should make sure you complete your visa application. If your application is not complete, you will be denied.
  • Non-Nigerian, staying in Nigeria should make sure they have a residence permit for them to be considered.

Germany Business Visa Eligibility & Requirements

  • This type of visa is given to those who have intentions of traveling for Business activities for the duration of their stay in Germany.
  • Applicants who are eligible for this type of visa are those who are visiting Germany for training, attending business courses, cultural events, or other types of business-related activities.
  • Those who are into car importation, electronic goods, and spare parts are also eligible to apply for this visa
  • For your German visa application to be accepted, you need to provide all necessary documents requested by the embassy.
  • You must be able to provide an invitation letter from the German company. This letter of invitation should not be more than three (3) months.
  • If you are going for training, attending business courses, cultural events, or other types of business-related activities, an invitation would also be needed.
  • A letter from your employer in your domestic country (Nigeria) stating your job position, and salary level in the company you work for.
  • You should be able to provide a brief transaction history and recent transactions between the companies that are involved.
  • Precious stones exporters should have their license in order to purchase minerals
  • If you are a minor, you should present the original copy of your birth certificate
  • You should be able to successfully complete your application. Applicants who don’t complete their application would get their visa denied.

Germany Student Visa Eligibility & Requirements

  • This type of visa is for international students who have the intention of studying in any of the Universities in Germany
  • You must be able to provide your admission letter issued by the Univesity you have been accepted to study in.
  • It is required that you have knowledge of the German language, if applicable.
  • It is not a must to learn German for those going for their Master’s program in the country. However, it is also important you learn a couple of phrases for communication.
  • As an applicant from Nigeria, it is required that you submit your primary and secondary school leaving certificate.
  • Need to provide proof of your work experience, academic studies, and professional training, if applicable.
  • It is expected that you present your birth certificate gotten from the National Population Commission.
  • Applicants who are minors should provide a letter of authorization from their parents to study in Germany. When submitting, the copy of the passport of the signing parent should be attached.
  • Provide proof of fund that will cover up your expenses for the duration of your stay in Germany.
  •  €10,000 is the required proof of fund to visit Germany and it should be funded to your block account.

Germany Medical Visa Eligibility & Requirements

  • German medical visa is for those who have intentions of visiting Germany to seek and receive treatment
  • A medical certificate should be issued from the treating medical institution of the domestic country of the applicant, stating the nature of the illness, and also stating why he needs to get treatment in Germany.
  • Applicant should also provide a written appointment with the medical doctor in Germany
  • An estimated time frame in which the treatment would be over should also be stated in the letter from the medical doctor in Germany.
  • The embassy will also demand proof of advance payment for the medical fee.
  • If your visa application is incomplete, you shall be denied the medical visa.
  • If the applicant is employed at the time of the visa application, a letter from the applicant’s employer would be needed, introducing the applicant and confirming his/her leave.
  • Applicants who are minors should be accompanied by a guardian.
  • Minors are expected to submit a copy of their birth certificate at the time of their visa application. Also, they should bring along a letter of authorization from their parents.

  • This work visa is for foreigners who intend to work in the country and have been issued employment from a company in Germany.
  • An applicant for a work visa should provide a job contract with a German company. In this contract, your level of salary, level of position, and duration of employment should be stated.
  • The applicant must get consent from the German Federal Employment Agency before he proceeds to start the visa application.
  • Applicants from Nigeria should also provide proof of previous professional training, experience of work and, academic studies.
  • Applicants should also make provision for their old documents like a library card, or vaccination card, etc. These documents will be used to verify their identity.
  • Applicants from Nigeria must also provide their Curriculum Vitae, or resume
  • Your birth certificate is also required. The birth certificate should be from National Population Commission.
  • Your visa application to Germany for a work visa should be complete. An incomplete application would be denied.

Germany Transit Visa Eligibility & Requirements

  • This type of visa is for foreigners who have intentions of transiting through Germany to their domestic country
  • To be eligible for this type of visa, you must have the destination country’s visa
  • You must have a valid and confirmed flight ticket for your destination country
  • Are you staying in Nigeria, but you are not a Nigerian? it is required that you hold an original copy of the Nigerian residence permit.
  • Applicants who are minors should make sure they bring along their original copy of their birth certificate.
  •  A previous copy of all Schengen visas must be provided. It should be a colored copy.
  • If you are a holder of this type of visa, you are not permitted to apply for permanent residence in Germany.
  • You should make sure as an applicant, you complete your visa application. If your visa is not completed, your visa will be denied.

Fees Germany Visa

Visa Type
Visa Fees
Tourist visa goes for

60.00 (EUR)
Business visa goes for

60.00 (EUR)
Student visa goes for

60.00 (EUR)
Medical visa goes for

75.00 (EUR)
Work visa goes for75.00 (EUR)
Transit visa goes for60.00 (EUR)

Location of Germany Embassies in Nigeria

You can find the German embassy in Abuja and Lagos.


  • Office Address: No. 9 Lake Maracaibo Close, Maitama, Abuja, Nigeria.
  • Official Website:
  • Email Address: [email protected]
  • Embassy Number: +234 706 410 8800 or +234 9 220 8010


  • Office Address: 15, Walter Carrington Crescent, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.
  • Official Website:
  • Email Address: [email protected]
  • Embassy Number: +234 1 280 9966

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