Five (5) things you will Experience as a Pre-degree Student in IMSU

Five (5) things you will Experience as a Pre-degree Student in IMSU

What are the five (5) things you will Experience as a Pre-degree Student at Imo State University, IMSU?

Being a pre-degree student at Imo State University (IMSU) can be really fun and frustrating at the same time.

When I was still doing my Pre-degree program in 2013, I noticed lots of interesting things that might interest aspirants or new students.

NOTE: My reason for sharing this is to notify students or aspirants of the clean and rough road that awaits them in the program.

Five (5) things you will Experience as a Pre-degree Student in IMSU

Back to the discussion, what 5 things you will Experience as a Pre-degree Student at Imo State University?

Five (5) things you will Experience as a Pre-degree Student at Imo State University, IMSU

1. Lecturers in Pre-degree Programs are very Intelligent

The lecturers in Pre-degree are well schooled and very intelligent. They are so intelligent that you would wonder why they settle for teaching you guys instead of holding powerful positions or handling a course in the “Main University.”

When I was in secondary school, I found it very difficult to understand some topics in mathematic, and in fact, I failed Mathematics in my WAEC and NECO. But when I started the Pre-Degree program, I got to understand those maths topics and different equations to solving them.

2. You Will Meet The Intelligent Students there

I was a very bright student in my secondary school but always took 2nd position in class because I was not good at Maths. To me, I was the best, but when I got into the Pre-Degree program, I found out that there are lots of people who were by far more intelligent than I am.

These sets of people don’t go home after lectures, they stay to solve some arithmetics, solve pass questions, and study other subjects.

I was surprised with their zeal to pass and I got motivated. I had to join one of these crew so I could learn more and that was when I knew that these students are highly intelligent.

During those days, I remember a female student who was among our crew, she was so intelligent that she could write exams on Arts and Science subjects and still get A’s in all subjects. I also got motivated by her.

3. Fashion of Student there is second to none

These are the kinds of students who feel they have arrived and in fact, they are already in school so they do all it takes for people to see them as a bonafide student of the school.

Their fashion taste is awesome and they have the latest dressing styles that will keep you wondering if they came for schooling or for a fashion parade.

4. The Playful but Intelligent Students

These types of students are always very playful but when results are released, they will be the ones to top the class.

During the time I was still a pre-degree student, I never thought that these kinds of students will ever get admitted into the University but I was very surprised when they came top in their results.

They are always playful in classes and even make jokes while lectures are going on, they never pay attention to what the lecturer teaches but trust me, they burn their mid-night candle reading.

If you follow such kind of students, then you are in trouble because they will laugh and play with you at noon but read at night while you sleep.

5. Students will Reduce drastically after 1st Semester

Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has a way of telling students how unready they are for the struggle at the University.

During my pre-degree, we were over two thousand (2,000) students in the first semester. After the semester, we wrote JAMB and resumes for the second-semester academic session, to my greatest surprise, we had reduced to 600 students. Many students had dropped because they failed their JAMB examination.

6. Those Who Feels that they are Degree Students Already

These type of student feels that they are doing a degree program already with the way they carry themselves. When you ask them if they are in the University, they will answer you with ‘YES’ and before you know it, they will start telling you their experience as a degree student.

According to my observation and experience, they do this because they are ashamed of telling people that they are pre-degree students.

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