Faculty of Humanities in Imo State University Completes Its Building, Ready To Launch

The new Humanities building

It was reported in the year 2019 that the Humanities faculty at IMO State University was razed down due to a fire outbreak which was caused by an electric spark around 1 AM.

The fire was so serious that no office was left untouched as everything went down. It was a setback for not just the departments in Humanities but the school at large because the building was renovated not up to four (4) months and in a blink of an eye, everything was gone.

Faculty of Humanities in Imo State University Completes Its Building
The burnt humanities building

The painful thing there is, some lecturers left important documents in their offices like their certificates, students’ results, and other vital documents there. Some were smart enough not to drop their files in their office. All papers files were burnt.

It was a major setback also for the department of English and literary students because all their results got burnt and they had to be called back after 9 months of graduation to re-write a particular course that got burnt.

Dr. Leon, the course’s lecturer announced that it was not in his intention to bring back the students after nine (9) months of their graduation to re-write a particular course, but they had to because he can not manufacture marks from anywhere to help the students but he promised them that, none of the students will fail his course but all the same, they should do their best in the exam.

One year after the fire disaster in the Humanities faculty, we are glad to announce to you that, Humanities faculty has erected a massive building. The building has several large halls and a number of classrooms for students. It also has numerous lecturers’ offices. This goes to say that, all lecturers will surely have their personal offices and their privacy.

The new Humanities faculty building (IMSU)

In as much as we are still sad and the lecturers are still counting their loses even till now, the school still deserves some accolades for immediately taking actions to remedy the situation and compensating the Humanities Faculties.

Before the incident, there was no actual lecture hall for any of the five (5) departments in Humanities and in fact, the lecturers in Humanities were having no offices. Some of them even ask to manage office space with some lecturers but now, there are numerous halls and offices which will surely fit both for the student lecture halls and offices for the lecturers.

Faculty of Humanities, IMSU


Faculty of Humanities in Imo State University Completes Its Building
Faculty of Humanities in Imo State University Completes Its Building

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