Escape Nightclub: All You Need To Know About Escape Nightclub

Nightlife in Lagos can be really fun-filled most especially if you are a nightcrawler. There are numerous clubhouses in Lagos such as The Cave Ikeja, Escape Nightclub, and many more.

All You Need To Know About Escape Nightclub

Do you wish to party hard in one of the best clubs in the country? Then you’ve never heard of Escape NightClub. Escape NightClub no doubt is one of the fastest-rising clubs located in Lagos. Since its establishment, it has grown really large that it has attracted top-notched celebrities who come there from far and near to have a nice party. The club is the best place to be if truly you know what partying looks like.

And hey, try putting on your dance shoes while going to this club because it is going to be a fun overdose.

The club is a hub whereby as a Lagosian, you get the opportunity to escape the stress of Lagos or to ease your stress. It is also a place where you come together with your lover to catch lots of fun and enjoy the moment.

You could also meet new social friends, buy drinks together and storm the dance floor with your dance moves. Should I also surprise you are top-rated Nigerian celebrities usually visit this club? For instance, in the year 2014, Wizkid celebrated his birthday at Escape NightClub.  

Escape NightClub

The price tag for drinks in Escape NightClub

If you have in mind or you have decided to go to Escape Nightclub, you need to have a deep pocket because the drink prices there are on the high side.

Below are some of the popular drinks sold at the Night club:

  • The price for Ace of Spades is sold at N150,000
  • The price for Cristal is sold at N150,000
  • The price for Dom Perignon is sold at N100,000
  • The price for Moet Rose is sold at N60,000
  • The price for Ciroc is sold at N55,000
  • The price for Gold Label is sold at N50,000

About the Owner of Escape NightClub

The Owner of Escape NightClub is Richard Nnadi but popularly known as Duke Of Spades. Richard Nnadi is not just a club owner, he is a businessman, a philanthropist, and an entrepreneur who loves to put smiles on the faces of others.

He established the club with the aim of bringing fun-loving people together to hang out, have fun, meet new people, get some drinks, chill, and hit the dance floor.

Security At The Club

The clubhouse is very secure and free from threats. It is a place you can go to chill with peace of mind.

What Are You To Carry Along While Coming To The Club

Before you think of going to the club, you should carry along some vital pieces of stuff such as:

  • Cash, Debit, or Credit Cards
  • A good Camera phone, and
  • Of cause your dancing shoes.

Fun Things You Could Do At Escape nightclub

Do you want to really have fun and enjoy yourself at the club, then below are the fun things to do while at the club and they are:

  • Hit the dance floor and dance as though there is no tomorow
  • Grab a drink
  • Look for new friends and catch fun together
  • When you are done dancing, sit and watch others dance

Address of Escape NightClub

The Escape NightClub is located at 234B Adeola Odeku Street, Victoria Island, Lagos State.

Contact Information

Call: +2348090488888

Instagram Handle:@escapelagos

Twitter Handle: @Escapelasgidi

Website URL:

Opening Hours for Escape NightClub

Monday= 10am – 5pm.

Tuesday= 10am – 5pm.

Wednesday= 10am – 5pm.

Thursday= 10am – 5pm.

Friday= 10am – 5pm.

Saturday = 11pm – 5am.

Go catch some fun and free yourself from the hustling spirit of Lagos a little.

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