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There is a reason this spa is called Escape day spa. How about you set out a date to rejuvenate yourself in a calm and scenic setting? Have you ever thought of consolidating your body, soul, spirit, and mind to be at a place free from worries and anxiety? Trust me, you are yet to see the goodies Escape day spa has to offer.

If you have not experienced the power of healing and wellness through meditation and torch, then Escape day spa will surely make you experience these lives. You have not seen such wonderful therapeutic and cosmetic services so perfect, little wonder, customers come from miles to have a torch of these services. They find solace and comfort in these services. Why not set out a day to experience the wonderful adventures of Escape day spa

The Escape Day Spa Services

The escape day spa has series of the best body treatments to lighten up your day. Come and experience what Birmingham Alabama has in store for you. Trust me, by the time they are done with their magic-like treatment, you will surely glow as never before.

Body Treatments and Wraps at Escape Day Spa

Before I proceed, I will like to ask a rhetorical question. Have you ever wondered why using herbs and covering of body with mud is very vital for body and beauty treatment? Right from ancient days, mud has been known to be an ingredient to beautify the skin, and even to this present day, it is still being used for its purpose. Empirical evidence has it that, it aids in the healing of rheumatism, swelling of the joints, arthritis, and it helps to relax the muscles.

Treatment with mud and herb also helps in bracing your immune system, removal of wrinkles, help for better circulation, makes your skin glow, and at the same time detoxifying your body. There are lots of inner benefits attached to mud and herb body treatment that have not been mentioned here but trust me, it is worth it.

Do you have skin problems like psoriasis, eczema, and acne? Herb and mud treatment will wipe these skin problems.

Instead of staying at home and doing nothing on your free day, why now take a day to rejuvenate a full body treatment and get to experience the healing benefits this process has to offer.

One good thing about booking for this treatment is that you can book online. You are advised that, while undergoing any of these treatments, you should top it up with a great body massage for at least one hour. Trust me, you are yet to see what relaxation is all about.

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Rejuvenating Salt Glow

The rejuvenating salt glow is where the healing process begins. The Escape day spa has thought of a better way to serve its visitors and by so doing introduced wonderful ways to glow their visitors skin. The rejuvenating salt glow is the combination of aromatic pure essential oils, endowed rich salt, and organic botanicals put together with warm oils which have an abundance of antioxidants. The team at the Escape day spa has the skill to freshen your skin with their hand. The treatment path will glow your skin, regenerate your cell, and showcase how shinny your natural skin is.

Price for rejuvenating salt – $125

Moor Mud Detoxifying Body Wrap

As earlier stated, a mud bath is very vital to beautifying the skin and making it glow as far as natural body treatment is concerned. The moor mud detoxifying body wrap at Escape day spa is commonly endowed with bio-minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, and series of vitamins. If you have not experienced this before, then you should hurry up and book online because this treatment process beautifies your body, consolidate and calm any uncomfortable feelings in your body, and remove any toxic substance from your body.

Price for the moor mud detoxifying body wrap – $155 

Women’s Balancing Organic Body Wrap

The treatment is solely meant for women. This method of treatment is ancient and is been used in this present time. The Women Balancing Organic Body Wrap is a type of treatment that makes use of Western and Ayurvedic and Chinese herbs. The record has it that this method was used in treating problems like hormonal changes in women.

How Women Balancing Organic Body Wrap is being done

  • Firstly, your body is being scrubbed
  • Then, a concentrated herbal paste is added to your body
  • The next stage is to wrap your body for at least 20 minutes so that the herb will penetrate your body
  • Also, aromatic body crème would be added to your body to make your skin super hydrated.

This method of treatment can be carried on problems like, menstrual cramps, PMS, and series of hormonal difficulties in women which include bloating, and breast tenderness.

Price for The Women Balancing Organic Body Wrap – $165

Escape’s Mind and Body Balancing Treatment

The Escape’s mind and body balancing treatment method are special because it starts with rejuvenating salt glow together with skilled hand Aromatherapy Body Scrubs. As earlier stated, the Aromatherapy Body Scrubs is where the healing begins. After the first treatment, you will have a warm bath in one of Escape day spa’s organic body clays to remove toxic substances from your body and fasten your healing process.

I guess you haven’t had a good massage with a Cocoa Shea Butter before. A massage team at Escape day spa will massage you with their Cocoa Shea Butter to keep your skin fresh leaving you glowing.

Price for Escape’s mind and body balancing treatment  – $165

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Best Massage Escape Day Spa

As a visitor, you are yet to see the best of the best. Do you want to feel the best massage techniques Escape Day Spa has to offer? Then you are not far from knowing the truth. One wonderful experience about this massage process is that the escape day spa does both individual and couples massage.

The world is a rough place to be in and trust me, there are times you may feel physically, emotionally, and psychologically stressed and at that point in time, you need bodily torches and feelings to ease your anxiety and tension, Escape Day Spa is ready to give you that peace of mind with a professional massage.

Massaging is not just to relax your muscle but it also grants peace of mind and relaxes your body. Do you want to know the benefits of massage? Below are the benefits.

What are the benefits of Massage?

  • It relaxes and rejuvenates your body
  • It gives you more energy
  • It advances the circulations in your body
  • It helps in removing toxins from your body
  • It smoothens the skin and gives your skin a nice tone
  • It advances gym performance
  • It gives mental, psychological, and emotional balance
  • Helps in lowering your low blood pressure

Trust me, this is just a tip of an iceberg of what a great massage could do to your body. It can ease your tension, giving you peace of mind, and rejuvenate your body.

Get to purchase a series of six individual massage sessions to have a great time to enjoy the long benefit of massage.

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Relaxation Massage

You will need a gentle Swedish massage that torches your head to toe to ease your stress, burden, and body ache. The relaxation massage is great.

Relaxation Massage Prices at Escape Day Spa

There are two types of categories in the relaxation massage and they are “Individual Category” and “Series of 6 Category.”

Individual Category

  • 30 minutes massage goes for $65
  • 60 minutes massage goes for $95
  • 90 minutes massage goes for $130

Series of 6 Category

  • 30 minutes massage goes for $325
  • 60 minutes massage goes for $475
  • 90 minutes massage goes for $650

Deep Tissue Massage

This type of massage is wonderful because it makes use of a warm towel, with a little firm pressure to carefully manipulate the troubled area of your muscles. Select the whole body for a deep tissue massage or you can tell them the specific area where you need a massage.

The Deep Tissue Massage price at Escape Day Spa

The Deep Tissue Massage has two (2) categories and include:

Individual Session

  • 30-minute massage goes for $65
  • 60-minute massage goes for $95
  • 90-minute massage goes for $130

Series of 6

30-minute massage goes for $325
60-minute massage goes for $475
90-minute massage goes for $650

Cocoa-Shea Butter Massage

Escape Day Spa

Enjoy a massage with the escape day spa’s cocoa shea butter. This massage with cocoa shea butter soaks in your body and torches even the hidden areas of your body. The cocoa shea butter is house-made with a combination of butter. When used on you, gives you the solid body bliss you have been searching for.

Even though this type of massage is great, you can spice it up by adding Basalt Stones to your body massage to have a complete massage fulfilment.

The cocoa shea butter Massage price at Escape Day Spa

This type of massage also has two categories which are:

Individual Session

30-minute massage goes for  $75
60-minute massage goes for $100
90-minute massage goes for $135

Series of 6

30-minute massage goes for $400
60-minute massage goes for $500
90-minute massage goes for $675

CBD Massage

The CBD massage is a hand-mix of coconut massage that helps to spice up your massage process. This massage process is aimed at reducing inflammation and tension. This type of massage was originated to suit your body’s specific needs and this is more reason you need to inform your massage therapist of the specific area you want the massage done. Before this CBD massage is carried out, make sure you ask for a sublingual .25 ml dose for you to have a full benefit of this massage experience.

The CBD massage process has two (2) session which are

Individual Session

30-minute massage goes for $80
60-minute massage goes for $105
90-minute massage goes for $145

Series of 6

30-minute massage goes for $400
60-minute massage goes for $525
90-minute massage goes for $725

Mommy-To-Be Massage

Just as the name implies, mommy-to-be massage treatments are for expecting mothers. This type of treatment can either be head to toe massage or you can notify the therapist to focus on a specific area that may have been stressing and causing you trouble during your pregnancy.

There are two (2) options in the mommy-to-be-massage and they are:

Individual Session

  • 60-minute massage goes for $95
  • 90-minute massage goes for $130

Series of 6

  • 60-minute massage goes for $475
  • 90-minute massage goes for $650

Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

Transmogrify yourself with Himalayan Salt Stones massage and watch your body have a long searched peace. The Himalayan Salt Stones is the mixture of salt therapy plus thermal and when used, give your body an abundant nourishment making room for mineral and negative ion to dilute and in the process, giving you a calm mind and spirit.

The Himalayan Salt Stones massage has two options and they are:

Individual Session

  • 60-minute massage goes for $125
  • 90-minute massage goes for $170

The wonderful thing about this Himalayan Salt Stones massage is that it can be used in any of the aforementioned massages to target a specific affected area. A 2 warm stones cost $20

Series of 6

  • 60-minute massage goes for $625
  • 90-minute massage goes for $850

Basalt Stone Massage

I guess the Basalt stone massage may be new to you. Basalt stone is an element that is created when a volcano erupts.  The Basalt stone contains silica, magnesium, oxygen, and iron. Imagine massaging you with the combination of these elements and thermal energy. Massing with these elemental combinations ease stress and give you perfect relaxation. It gives your body peace and enhances circulation. This is what you are going to experience when you make use of this wonderful massage option.

There are two (2) Basalt stone massage options. They are:

Individual Session

  • 60-minute massage goes for $125
  • 90-minute massage goes for $170

You can also add Basalt massage to any aforementioned massage process to aim at a specific troubled area. 2 warm stones cost $20.

Series of 6

  • 60-minute massage goes for $625
  • 90-minute massage goes for $850

Aromatherapy Massage

Escape day spa

This type of massage makes use of essential oils. According to history, the essential oil has been in use for thousands of years and it has numerous body benefits like boosting of immune and removing toxic substances from the body. Startup your Aromatherapy massage with the use of your favourite essential massage. Your essential oil can help kick start your inner peace

There are two (2) options of the Aromatherapy massage and they include:

 Individual Session

  • 60-minute massage goes for $105
    90-minute massage goes for $140

Series of 6

  • 60-minute massage cost $525
  • 90-minute massage cost $700

Couples Massage

Imagine being together with your partner, spouse, hubby, or even your relatives enjoying a perfect massage. You don’t have to overburden yourself without having a great time for yourself. The couples massage offers peace of mind and allows you to free yourself from the troubles of the world for few minutes. This process is perfect to start your day.

Please note that the couple massage is not available to book online. If you want a reservation, you should contact them through the phone line 205-414-6062

The Couple massage has four (4) different options which include:

Relaxation Massage

  • 30-minute massage cost $135
  • 60-minute massage cost $195
  • 90-minute massage cost $275

Deep Tissue Massage

  • 30-minute massage cost $135
    60-minute massage cost $195
    90-minute massage cost $265

Basalt Hot Stone Couples Massage

  • 60-minute massage cost $255
    90-minute massage cost $345

Aromatherapy Couples Massage

  • 60-minute massage cost $215
    90-minute massage cost $285

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Facials At Escape Day Spa Birmingham Alabama

The majority think facial treatment is meant for women alone, without knowing that, men can also be a huge benefactor of facial treatment. The escape day spa has one of the best facials Birmingham Alabama has to offer. Everyone can benefit from this facial including teenagers. Aside from being luxurious, facial helps in many ways as far as skin treatment is concerned. For instance, facial help keeps your face from wrinkling, prevent you from ageing, glow your skin, freshen your skin, stimulate your skin and it also goes a long way in stopping dehydration. The management of escape day spa has seen how important this treatment is to their customers, that is why they offer a noteworthy organic line, consolidating it with the various six treatments. These methods are done to make it easier for you to maintain your skin properly.

Do you wish to go on with a facial treatment? Keep reading through to know the perfect facial treatment that will suit your skin and make you glow.

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Escape Organic Facial

The escape organic facial works like magic in giving you a nice natural complexion. Due to stress and numerous activities, you might have lost your complexion, this treatment renew and give you back your beautiful complexion. One good thing about the facial is that you release your body from stress. There is a combination of Green tea, Aloe Vera, and Rose, helping you ease your skin and makes you glow.

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There are two (2) options in escape organic facial and they are:

Individual Session

  • 30 minutes cost $65
  • 60 minutes cost $95
  • 90 minutes cost $125

Skin Fit Facial

If you have heard of “Pilates for your face,” then you must know how advance and important this facial treatment is. This method makes you glow, moisturize your skin, give you’re a solid tone and makes you look younger than your age. At the end of this skin treatment, there is a deeply hydrating treatment rendered to you together with a strong antioxidant for protection. Trust me, after this service is being rendered, run straight to a mirror and you are sure to see a beautiful throwback of yourself.

Individual Session cost $125

Dermaplane Facial

The escape Dermaplane is another easier, and safer way of getting rid of wrinkle on your skin and wearing you a youthful look. You can’t afford to ignore this method. There are several options you could select from in the Dermaplane facial process, they are:

  • Dermaplane only cost $65
  • The ageless Stem cell together with peptide Dermaplane facial costs $115
  • The Brightening Dermaplane Facial goes for $125

You can also add Dermaplane to any aforementioned facial and it costs $45

It is also called Brightening Dermaplane Facial because it has a combination of abundant vitamin plus skin brightening acid. This combination reduces hyperpigmentation like age spots, wrinkles, sun damage and freckles. The Dermaplane Facial is capable of restoring your natural tone and even make your natural colour glow.

Aromatherapy Facial

Escape day spa

The aromatherapy facial just like the aromatherapy massage makes use of Essential oil. The facial treatment gives you comfort, ease your tension and provides you with sound relaxation. The aromatherapy facial is the combination of rosemary, Essential oils of lavender, thyme, cypress, and other powerful combinations that is capable of making your skin glow.

Individual Session goes for $105

Hyaluronic Facial

Do you want to look younger and smooth? Then you must try a hyaluronic facial. hyaluronic acid has an abundance of antioxidant that will make you look younger, leaving your skin amazingly soft, smooth, and transmogrified.

Individual Session goes for $100

Multi-Vitamin Facial

Just like its name “Multi-vitamin” This type of facial treatment has numerous vitamin. It helps moisturized paled looking skin and in the process makes your skin much smoother and younger. Trust me, you should also try this if you want to look younger and fresher.

Individual Session goes for $100

Vitamin C Facial

The Vitamin C facial is another powerful facial option that is highly recommendable. The facial treats your skin by wiping out dead skill cell and establishing elastin, and collagen. This is a simple one-time treatment that will transform your skin into something amazing. Your skin will look so pure, glows and look more refreshing.

Individual Session goes for $120

Grape Seed Facial

The grape seed facial is a very powerful facial treatment that makes use of the best grape seeds, mixed with strong antioxidants that helps to remove toxic substances from your skin making your skin look healthier and fresh.  You are introduced to healing when you receive a grape seed facial together with a relaxing massage with vital vitamins, oil and herbs. You are sure to get refreshed and restored.

Individual Session goes for $95

Therapeutic Acne Facial

Acne has made people lose their self-confidence forcing them to be introvert. The escape day spa is pleased to tell you that there is a final solution to your acne. The therapeutic acne facial is for those with dead skin cells which however will cause pimples, acne, severe acne that may lead to an acne scar, and acne blackout.

This acne removes these dead skin cells making your skin smoother, clearer and glowing, preventing your skin from blackout.

Individual Session goes for $95

Gentlemen’s Facial

The Gentlemen’s facial help in the fight against irritation of the skin, eliminating dryness of the skin and giving your skin all smoothness and care it has so longed for.

Individual Session goes for $90

Teen Facial

This type of treatment is specifically meant for teens to renew, cleansing their skin and make it glow. Yes, teens also have the right to freshen and purify their skin. The escape day spa can also recommend special skincare for their teen visitor through their skincare specialist after they must have identified a skin problem on them.

Individual Session goes for $80

Back Purification

Just in case you have tried the aforementioned facial treatment and they do not reach a specific area you want them to reach, the Back Purification is capable of reaching those areas.

Individual Session goes for $90

Seasonal Organic Facial’s

Lash or Brow Tint & Lift

  • The price for Brow Tint goes for $35 and Lash Tint goes for $50
  • The price of Lash Lift goes for $80, lash lift & tint goes for $100


The escape day spa also offers an extraction service and it cost $5.

This extraction can go with any facial treatment mentioned above. The reason for the $5 cost is because while doing an extraction, a little time would be added to give you special treatment.


The microcurrent treatment is an anti-ageing process that wipes away wrinkles from your skin making you look much younger than your actual age. One good thing about this service is that result starts coming instantly. This option is meant for those who wish to keep their skin healthy, younger, and glowing. You can add this method to any aforementioned facials to get an instant result

Tone and lift cost $20

LED Light Therapy

The led light therapy is capable of enhancing your facial treatment. The Blue light helps fight against bacteria, acne, and oily skin while the red light skin helps fight against wrinkles making you look younger. This treatment method can be added to any of the facials to get immediate result.

The cost for the led light therapy cost $20

Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic drainage can be added to any facial skin to improve the health of your skin and removing toxic substances. The process also aids in the healing process and enhance the circulation of the lymphatic.

The Cost is $20.

Relaxing Hand and Arm Treatment

The relaxing hand and arm treatment have to do with the relaxation of the arm which is followed up by a great massage to aid your healing process. This process is the combination of endowed aromatic oils. Benefits of this process include making your skin glow, brighten up your skin, removal of ageing spots to give you healthy skin.

The process cost $20


Prices vary according to what an individual needs.

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Where is Escape Day Spa located?

 The Escape Day spa is located at Birmingham, AL, United States.
You can reach him through their Official website

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