Destiny Car Detailing

Just like S&D Mobile Detailing Destiny Car is also a detailing company that was established in the year 2015 by Michael Allwood with the aim of helping people clean their cars and ease their stress of having their cars cleaned up.

COVID-19 Updates

In-person visits: Due to the Pandemic, In-person visits are not allowed

Health and Safety Measures

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the car detailing company and the customers would be observing all Covid-19 protocols which include the followings:

  • Both the customers and staff are to practice social distancing
  • Staffs and customers are to put on their mask
  • Staff also wear gloves before services
  • The company staffs also check every customer for Covid-19 symptoms

Services Offered by the Destiny Car Detailing

  • They offer Carpet Cleaning
  • Perfect Interior Detailing
  • Restoration of Paint
  • Hand Wash
  • They offer Interior Detailing
  • Cleaning of Tires
  • Cleaning of Wheels
  • They clean Engines
  • They offer Paint Protection
  • Brushing
  • They also offer Waxing Services
  • Automobile Upholstery Cleaning
  • They offer Waxing Services
  • Automobile Services, and
  • They offer Interior Detailing

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Amenities Rendered

  • The company accept payment through credit cards
  • There is no WiFi available
  • In-person is not allowed

Where is Destiny Car Detailing Located?


Destiny Car Detailing is located in Sanford, Florida (FL 32771)

Photos from the Car Detailing

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