Department Of Linguistics And Igbo, IMSU


Department Of Linguistics And Igbo, IMSU.

After you have completed four (4) years of studies in the Department of Linguistics and Igbo, IMSU, you will be qualified to bag a B.A. Award in the course.

To gain admission into the department, you are hereby informed that, all due process must be followed which includes participating in the entrance examination or through direct entry.

Sign post of Department Of Linguistics And Igbo, IMSU

Before applying with direct entry, you much make sure you have the required scores and grade

There are two (2) major pillar languages that make up the course, they are;

  • Linguistic, and
  • Igbo


(I) Linguistic has it aimed to bring to light student’s knowledge and to maximize their potentials.

(II) Students at Imo State University has lots of talents but how to explore it seems to be the problem. This course teaches students strategies on how to use these talents of theirs’ to solve the many problems they find themselves in this contemporary society.

(III) Just in case they decide to further their education in a related course, this course prepares them for any discipline or career journey they might be interested in.

IGBO Language

Igbo which is among the three (3) most popular ethnic groups in Nigeria has a lot to offer to the Linguistic Students in IMSU. It teaches students about the historical background of the Igbo people and tribe.

(I) It teaches students of the value, culture, and traditions of the Igbo

(II) It equips students to apply knowledge when it comes to advancing human development.

(III) It prepares students who which to further their education in related courses.

What are the Admission Requirements for Linguistics and Igbo

(1) Through UTME:

As an aspirant of the course, you must obtain at least 5 credits which include Igbo Language and English Language in your 0’Level certificate (GCE, WAEC or NECO), etc.

(2) Through Direct Entry:

(I) You must pass two (2) subjects in your A-Level with Igbo included

(II) You must have merit in Igbo language in either you NCE or ND

(III) Aside from the ND, NCE, or A-Level, you as a direct entry candidate must obtain at least a credit in Igbo and English Language in either WAEC, NECO, or GCE, etc

Lecturers in Linguistics and Igbo

As an aspirant or a student of Linguistics and Igbo Department, Imo State University (IMSU), it is good you get to know more about your lecturers like the name of your lecturers and the course titles they handle from your senior colleagues in school. While doing this, make sure you jot them down.

About the Lecturers in Linguistics and Igbo, IMSU

All lecturers in Linguistics and Igbo are highly qualified, and without a doubt, that have proven themselves worthy to guide students and impact positively in them.

Through the lecturers, students has brought back awards from numerous competition games outside the state and beyond Nigeria.

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