Can A Felon Get A Passport?

Travelling around the world or moving from one country to another seems to be a very nice and interesting adventure which everyone would love to give a try when given such an opportunity. One important factor one could consider during international travel is eligibility. If one has the eligibility, he could travel to any country of his choice without interference. In fact, his only concern would be how loaded his account for the series of trips he is about to start. These trip enjoyment could charge in no time. Yes, it could when he is convicted of a felony. Felony!!!. The above introduction leads us to a quick question Can A Felon Get A Passport?

As a citizen of the united state, it is believed that you are not ignorant to the fact that if you get convicted of a felony you will be stripped of numerous rights like the right to vote, get a better job and other important activities but the big question here is, can felon ex-convict successfully apply for a passport?

Can A Felon Get A Passport

Not all types of crime restrict your chance of getting a passport but some felony a person is convicted of and the status he is at that point in time could determine how successful he is in the passport application.

If a felon ex-convict under parole or probation, it would be difficult for him to travel out of the country except there is prior approval. Take note of the word ‘Difficult.’ Difficult doesn’t connote impossible. So if you might have been misinformed that once you have been convicted of a serious crime in the United States, you are not leaving America for the rest of your life, please knock the bottom out of such thinking.

While receiving a passport or travelling outside the shores of America is not impossible, this might not be the case for those who were convicted of crimes like trafficking drugs across the United States. In this case, the State Department will be forced to ignore your applications. If your case is as severe as this, even though you apply based on an emergency, your request may still be denied due to the gravity of your offence.

Be that as it may, as a citizen of the United State, you could still try your luck even though your offence doesn’t permit that.

Passport Denial: What Could Cause A Passport Denial

1). If you have ever raised arms against the Government of the United States, your chances of getting a passport or travelling abroad are not just slim but impossible. The United States Constitution explains that if an ex-convict has ever raised arms against the Government with the aim of overthrowing the government or assassinating any member of the government, their application for a passport would be denied. In fact, this is the surest way to padlock your chance of travelling out of the United States.

Can A Felon Get A Passport?
Can A Felon Get A Passport?

2). Another reason that could limit the chances of travelling abroad is if a person owes a huge sum of money to any financial institution. These people are wise and can’t be easily fooled. It would be a mistake to allow someone to move out of the United State with such a huge amount of money he has as debt. If you are in huge debt and you have in mind that you shall be granted a passport, I’m sorry to say, your chances in such a case seems very slim. If you are allowed to travel out of the United State, how would they know that you have the intention of returning and paying back the huge debt?

3). The United States takes their security very important and would not grant you a passport if your travel is going to be a peril to the security of the U.S. Furthermore If you had previously committed a crime outside the U.S, hence, made you an ex-convict of that country, you will be refused passport.

What If An Ex-convict Felon Is Granted A Passport

If as an ex-convict who was luckily granted a passport to travel, his travelling to other countries could be frustrating and problematic. He shouldn’t blame these countries because they have to know the situation of the person coming into their country. One of these problematic countries is the United Kingdom. They have zero joy for a felon ex-convict coming into their country hence, they would be so strict at the airport. That is why you are advised that if you are an ex-convict and luckily, you were granted a passport, try to make solid research on the country you would want to visit to avoid embarrassment.

I mean, no one wants to pass through the stress of getting a passport, having a long flight and at the airport, he gets bounced back and deported back to his country for a crime he thought has subsided.

The passport of the United States gives you the go-ahead to go to other countries and enjoying their cultural diversity but also notes that it does not display records if the person is a bad person or not. There are many people who are trapped in a felony that they committed mistakenly. Since their passport doesn’t carry these felonies, feel free to travel and explore the world.

Applying For A U.S. Passport and felony travel restrictions

As earlier stated, travelling could be really fun because it gives you the privileges to see the world and grants you the privileges to experience the lives of people and cultures in other countries. If during your passport application you are eligible and free from felonies, then you have unlimited access to your desired country choice.

While you may love to travel, there are few things that could make a passport difficult to get in the United States and they shall be listed below:

  • If you owe a minimum of $2,000 in child support,
  • If you have ever been charged and convicted for narcotic deals and trafficking in or outside the United States
  • If you have ever been convicted on the ground of felony
  • Bear arms against the government or committing treason
  • If you are under parole or probation
  • If as a citizen of the United State, you are under investigation for the distribution of illegal substance
  • If the court bars you from travelling
  • If you owe any financial institution a large sum of money.

If you are free of the above charges and you are an ex-convict or charged with a felony which is not among the above mentioned, then you have no serious problem but you should note that some countries like the United Kingdom or Canada do no allow felons into their countries.

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