Burnstick Lake Campground: All You Should Know

Burnstick Lake Campground

Are you stressed due to work activities? Do you wish to chill out and flex your body a little to release your body from stress? I guess you have not heard of Burnstick Lake Campground. I will never forget the first day I visited this centre to release myself from stress, trust me, it was one of a kind.

About Burnstick Lake Campground

The relaxation and recreation centre is located 3 km west and 15 km south of Caroline. You never might have seen a lake as long as three (3) km with an overdose of walleye, perch and pike.

In Burnstick Lake Campground, you will find almost everything that could give you joy like water skiing, picnic areas etc You also have the opportunity to fish and camp with your loved ones. That is really fun you know.

I know you must have been searching to see if store is mentioned in this article just in case you want to get something edible to step down your relaxation. Well, there is a small store established there for visitor’s convenience.

Where is Burnstick Lake Campground located?

It is situated in Canada

Other fun activities you could enjoy at Burnstick Lake Campground are:

  • playground
  • ATV staging area
  • horseshoe pit
  • sandy beach
  • boat launch

When is Burnstick Lake Campground Opening

You might be thinking about when the recreation centre would open to start receiving visitors for social activities. The Burnstick Lake Campground is stipulated to open early may until mid-October, depending on the weather.

Within these periods, there is never a dull moment in the park.

There are 34 seasonal campsites right inside the campground, the regular campsites are 26, 8 sites which are meant for tenting, and lastly, there is a group site there.

Please note that waters on these sites are not serviced, therefore, since they are not serviced, they are not portable yet because it hasn’t been treated with the proper use of chlorine.

Below are pictures from the recreation campground you could calm your mind with.

Burnstick Lake Campground


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