Bowers Hotel: All You Should Know About Bowers Hotel

Bowers Hotel

Your first visit to Bowers Hotel will definitely not be your last, trust me. I’d be sharing my personal experience at Bowers Hotel with you guys. Please comment on what you also think about the hotel if you have ever visited there.

So I and my fiance stopped by Bowers Hotel to lodge due to a very long, annoying, and stressful journey. On reaching there at noon, the surroundings alone made me forget my terrifying and stressful journey.

We were told that all rooms have been fully books and that we could wait for some time because a client is about to check out. We harness the opportunity to have a taste of their meal. I have never met waitresses so friendly and calm. I asked for Broken Crab Salad and my lady demanded seafood and some chicken. In minutes, what we ordered was on our table as though they knew we were coming.

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We were treated as though we were royalty. The environment is so peaceful and calm.

On tasting the meal, I never thanked the stars for directing me and my fiance down to Bowers Hotel. Their meal was so delicious, that I ordered extra. (smiles).

The price is very reasonable. I was even surprised that such a meal would be sold for that amount because I was expecting such a meal to be very expensive.

We later checked in and the room was quite comfortable and enjoyable. I literally forgot about my bad journey experiences.

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Ever since my first visit there, I made sure I stopped at their Hotel each time I drive along that route.

Friendly advice: Whenever you visit the hotel to lodge, please don’t hesitate to have a taste of their delicious dishes, trust me, you will never regret this.

The Hotel Features

  • Availability of TV
  • Availability of Alcohol
  • Parking Space
  • Reservations
  • They offer table service
  • Seating

Where is Bowers Hotel Located?

Bowers Hotel sits at 298 Bowers Road, Bowers, Pennsylvania (PA) 19511

Contact Information of Bowers Hotel

Check out Bower Hotel Menu By Clicking Here

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