Best West Africa Destinations You Should Visit

There is nothing more interesting in the world than when you decide to go on vacation in your leisure time. People in Africa tend to visit Europe and other developed countries neglecting the fact that Africa has numerous interesting places you could visit that would make you wonder why you wanted to go to Europe in the first place. All thanks to the bad leadership in Africa. After long consideration, I have decided to give updates on the Best West Africa Destinations You Should Visit As An African. Trust me, these places are super dope.

Note, the fact that this post has an African topic does not limit it to Africans alone. As a foreigner, try visiting Africa, especially these places I would be mentioning at least once in your lifetime and you will never regret coming down here.

West Africa is a beautiful place with beautiful sceneries, welcoming people, and a place with endless adventures.

Below are my Best Africa Destinations You Should Visit As An African

1. Ghana (West Africa)

The first on my list is Ghana situated in West Africa. Are you looking for a destination where you could relax and catch some fun? Then I recommend you visit Ghana.

How can’t you enjoy Ghana when its’ cultures are still untouched and its histories still impact? Little wonder Ghana is referred to as “Africa for beginners.”

If you still want to escalate your enjoyment, then try visiting the Country’s capital Accra. When you visit Accra, don’t forget to visit wonderful beaches like Labadie beach. Also, they have wonderful hotels and mind-blowing museums. Were you trying to forget their African prints and souvenirs? Don’t forget to stop at their marketplace to purchase these.

Best West Africa Destinations You Should Visit


2. Cape Verde (West Africa)

When talking about one of the most beautiful countries in west Africa, Cape Verde can not be sidelined. Cape Verde is known for its rich culture and peaceful views situated in West Africa.

One fact you should know about Cape Verde is that they are the home to islands in West Africa with at least ten (10) islands and numerous islets.

Please do well not to visit their local restaurants and eating their seafood and other amazing dishes. Also, stop at their local marketplace to get some of their local artifacts.

Before I forget, have you done a mud bath before? If you haven’t tried it before then you should try it by visiting their salt lake called Salinas de Pedra de Lume.

Best West Africa Destinations You Should Visit
Cape Verde


3. The Gambia (West Africa)

Are you surprised that the smallest country in Africa is added to the list? Despite being the smallest country, Gambia has shown its worth that it could serve as a platform of relaxation. The Gambia no doubt is surrounded by mind-blowing beaches together with swaying palms and lagoons to add to the enjoyment. Get the opportunity to have a clear view of abundant wildlife and beautiful culture.

In the Gambia, they have wonderful reserves where you see wonderful animal creatures and I bet, you might even see animals you never knew existed. (smiles)…

Below are the reserves in the Gambia:

Reserves in The Gambia are,

  • Forest Park
  • Abuko National Reserve
  • Bijilo Forest Park
The Gambia

4. Ivory Coast (West Africa)

Ivory Coast which is also known as the Republic of Côte d’Ivoire and located on the south coast of West Africa is another country that Africans haven’t harness the rare gem and beauty. The country is decorated with beautified palm-lined beaches which no doubt is the source of attraction to visitors.

We haven’t talked about their food. Trust me when I say their food could make you migrate to IvoryCoast. While relaxing there, don’t forget to have a bite of poulet braise and kedjenou.

You can also visit their park reserve like Comoë National Park to see the wildlife in exploring their natural life. There you get to see different animals like Lion, Hippopotamus, Chimpazes and other amazing animals. Hey, don’t forget to go to these places with your children.

Image Source: @cheffe_naomi_a on Instagram

5.  Nigeria (West Africa)

You can’t list the Best West Africa Destinations You Should Visit without adding the tagged “Giant of Africa” to the list. Nigeria is ranked one of the most beautiful countries not just in West Africa but Africa at large. Nigeria also has beautiful beaches, wonderful restaurants (both local and classic), edifices shopping malls, sleepless street nights, stores for cultural artifacts, etc.

If you want to expand your vacation and travel horizon, then you should not forget Owerri, in Imo state which is the home of top-notched Hotels in Nigeria. No type of hotels and fast food than isn’t in Owerri. In fact, it has been nicked name the home of merriment.

Did I mention the tourist attractions in Nigeria? They are all mind-blowing that you will never forget such experiences.

Below are the tourist attractions in Nigeria:

  • the Olumo Rock
  • Ife Museum in Enuwa Square
  • Agbokim Waterfall
  • Olumirin Waterfall, and
  • Zuma Rock (the biggest rock in Nigeria)

Hey, I would also like to bring to attention the bad impression you must have on the country of Nigeria due to the Boko Haram terrorist attacks in different parts of the country. The truth is, Boko haram carries their attacks in just one or two states in Nigeria which is in the northern part of Nigeria. So you are 100% safe in Nigeria.

6. Senegal (West Africa)

You can never feel less at home in Senegal because they are called Monument de la Renaissance Africaine. When researching Senegal, their struggle for independence is laudable and firm. In the year 2010, the African Renaissance Monument was built and represents’s Africa rebirth and it also serves as respect for Senegalese independence.

Varieties of food are what you can’t take away from Senegalese. The secret of their varieties of foods was influenced by few sources like their ancient local traditional, North African, and French methods.

If you have decided to go to Senegal for a vacation, please don’t forget to eat one of their most popular food, thiéboudienne also known as fish and rice.

Monument de la Renaissance Africaine

7. Togo (West Africa)

Togo made it to the list of Best West Africa Destinations You Should Visit As An African. West Africa is truly blessed and endowed with natural beauty. When thinking about the best place to visit in West Africa, always have it in mind that Togo is a place you should touch down also.

Togo is a county that can also boast of its white-sand beaches which almost perfect view. While in Togo, please don’t forget to visit their state Capital Lomé because that is where the multistorey Grand Marché bazaar is located.

Don’t forget also to visit their national museum and their local restaurants to see the aesthetic of their traditional dishes. Also, please do well to visit their Cathedral and stop by their food market also.

Best West Africa Destinations You Should Visit

Conclusion to the Best West Africa Destinations You Should Visit

These are the Best West Africa Destinations You Should Visit during your holidays and when you feel like relaxing. Don’t get too serious with life, sometimes, we need to relax and take some chills. All work and no play make Jack a very dull boy.

Also, don’t forget to bring a camera along when embarking on this vacation. No fun in enjoyment without evidence. Please stay safe and always observe Covid-19 protocols.

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