Auberge Nola Hostel: All You Should Know About Auberge Nola Hostel (Photos)

The management and staff of Auberge Nola Hostel will be really happy to see you and trust me, it’s going to be a splendid stay.

All You Should Know About Auberge Nola Hostel

As earlier stated, the management of Auberge Nola Hostel would be very happy to see that your stay at the hotel, in particular, is great that is why a perfect scenery for their visitor was established. All guests who have been to Auberge Nola Hostel have great stories to say about their stay there.

In the year 2018, Auberge Hostel was awarded the number two (2) hostel in the United States, and in that same 2018, they were awarded the number one (1) hostel in the United.

The Auberge  Hostel is situated in the Lower Garden District directly between the French Quarter and Garden District. Follow this Address to the hotel and make your stay in New Orleans great.

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Things to Enjoy at Auberge Nola Hostel

Auberge Nola Hostel is a great place to be if you wish to have lots of fun in New Orleans. As a visitor to the hostel, you get the chance to enjoy yourself with lots of activities in the hostel. There is never a dull moment there. Below are things you will surely enjoy at the hostel:

  • You get to party for free at the hostel. (Due to the Covid-19 pandemic it has been placed on hold for some time)
  • Social events at the hostel are also free. There you get the chance to have fun, socialize and meet lots of fun-filled and interesting people.
  • Street Parking is free also.
  • You might be wondering which storage is the best to keep your luggage. Well, we are pleased to let you know that storage luggage is available and free there.
  • There you get the privilege to browse with free WiFi.
  • Towel and Linens are provided free for you.
  • You get to enjoy the sweet and beautiful scenery of the hostel environment.
  • Are you a music, game, movie lover? then Auberge Nola is for you because you get to enjoy these fun-filled activities.

Hospitality At Auberge Hostel

Do you know that for the period of time you are at the Auberge Nola Hostel, you would be welcomed as an Auberge Nola family? According to the management, all visitors are family during the period of your stay and even afterward. The staff will treat you well and offer you all the help you might be needing like a map during your stay at the hostel. You shall be loaded with mind-blowing suggestions with the aim of helping you plan your days ahead. While you might be in New Orleans for work,  seminar, training, or any activities, please try saving some strength for social activities which is always held every night of the week.

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Auberge Hostel Facilities

  • Free Baggage storage
  • Uninterrupted free WiFi
  • Air conditioning
  • Superb Music and game room
  • Shared kitchen
  • Free Street parking
  • Tea maker
  • Microwave
  • Beautiful garden
  • Refrigerator
  • Oven
  • Free Housekeeping, and
  • Hairdryer

Auberge Hostel Location

To locate the Hostel, you have to take a 1 km drive from the Garden District and a 1 km drive from Union Station. Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport which is 18 km away.

Auberge Nola Hostel Cancellation Policy

  • The Hostel is a highly organized place where rules are adhered to. There is a three (3) day cancellation policy in which failure to cancel at the period of three (3) days would incur a cancellation charge which is equal to the very first night of your stay.
  • The hostel deals with a non-refundable policy. Once payment has been made for the booking, even though you cancel your booking, you will not be refunded.

Important Things to Take Note of at Auberge Hostel

  • No Smoking in the hostel. If you want to smoke, go outside the hostel courtyard
  • The hostel accepts late or early arrival of visitors
  • In case you need help with booking, you can always contact hostel management. (Contact information would be dropped at the end of this article)
  • If you need a local option of housing, the management can extend their hand of help to you
  • In-state ID’s are not acceptable
  • The hostel accepts in-state ID’s or a foreign ID for reservation
  • Louisiana ID’s is not acceptable
  • Free breakfasts are no more available. There are lots of coffee shops or restaurants you could get any dish you like
  • Note that in the rate shown online,  taxes are not included
  • You can also make payment on arrival at the hostel
  • The hostel accepts Debit or Credits Card only upon your payment on arrival
  • Guests under 21 years are not allowed to stay alone

Auberge Nola Hostel Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Will Staying at the Hostel Cost Much?

The hotel price is not stable due to some factors like date, the policy of the hostel, and other unmentioned cardinal factors. To know the exact price, check the date you have decided to stay at the hotel.

Name of the Closest Airport closed to the hotel

Lakefront Airport

Contact Information

Auberge NOLA Hostel
1628 Carondelet St

Breathtaking Pictures of the Hostel

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