8 Hot Springs In Arizona You Should Visit

If you had been to Arizona or you are a resident there, you would know that the state is blessed with wonderful natural Hot Springs. Hot Springs In Arizona will make you fall in love with nature at first glance.

Hey there, have you felt the wonders of geothermal before? if you don’t know what geothermal means, Click here and search for what it means… (smiles). If you haven’t been to such a merrymaking place before because you don’t know where to find one? then give me the humble opportunity to present to you the Hot Springs In Arizona.

Yes!!! you heard me right, the ‘Spring’ comes with an (s) because there are lots of Hot Springs In Arizona, you might not know of.

The teams of topnotes have carried out some empirical evident research on this article and trust us to deliver the best of Hot springs in Arizona.

Let’s not bore you with our long introduction and hit the nail.

Check out the 8 Hot Springs In Arizona You Should Visit

Below are top-notched Arizona hot springs you should definitely give a try…

1. Arizona Hot Springs, Lake Mead National Recreation Area

More like asking “What is the most popular country in North America?” or “What is the moth popular country in South Africa?”  of cause, the right answers would be:

  • America, and
  • South Africa

Even though there are numerous Hot springs in Arizona, Arizona Hot Springs have proven to be not just the best but also the most popular in the State of Arizona. If you are in Arizona right now either for business, seminars,s or any important business meetings, why are you in a rush to go back home without actually enjoying the fun Arizona has to offer you?

Emm, wait… Take a little chill pill and let me tell you how to enjoy this hot spring in Arizona.

When you reach the Arizona Hot Springs the first thought that may likely rush to your mind is, Wow!!! this place is worth trying out, why don’t I set a camp and spend some days around? Well if you have such thinking, I would say, go on with such a wonderful idea because camping is free there.

While you are still spending one or two days there, try to explore the calm environment, get a boat and visit the river corridors, have some time to relax and feel the touch of the hot waters. That alone is something worth trying.

How Do I Locate Arizona Hot Springs

The Arizona Hot Spring is very close to Hoover Dam just along the Colorado River. As a visitor, you must hike through a colorful canyon before you get there. So, with this being said, don’t forget to come along with a quality camera because you may want to take beautiful pictures of the scenic colorful canyon.

The Arizona Hot Spring sits at  Arizona 86445.

Amenities of Arizona Hot Spring

Pit Toilet, Spring pool to feel the warm touch, etc.

2. El Dorado Hot Springs, Tonopah

The El Dorado Hot Springs is nicked named “Oasis of Desert.” Why are they called or nicked named “the Oasis of Desert?” Let’s educate ourselves below…

What does Oasis mean? Briefly, Oasis is a small spot in the desert that is fertile with either trees or water.

We all know what a desert means right? You know a dessert could be very hot right? Okay… So what happens to spotted water in the fertile part of a desert such as the El Dorado Hot Springs?

The water in El Dorado Hot Springs are naturally heated and in fact, research has it that the temperature rises to 107 degrees.

The El Dorado Hot Springs is not a spring that is overpopulated with people in a single spring because there are several springs there. You could decide to go soak yourself on sunset at any of the numerous pools there. I suggest you take a warm deep at the pool that commands a viewing position of the pillion mountain and desert.

Amenities of El Dorado Hot Springs

  • hot spring pools to soak yourself
  • lounges to relax after a soak
  • shower, and
  • fire pits.

Where is El Dorado Hot Springs located?

The El Dorado Hot Springs sits at 41225 Indian School Road in Tonopah, Arizona

Trust me, you are not going to regret your visit here.

3. Roper Lake State Park Hot Springs, Safford

Just like The El Dorado Hot Springs, Roper Lake State Park Hot Springs is located in the desert. Not just in the desert, but in the middle of the desert. The Roper Lake State Park Hot Springs is more like a tube designated for soaking in natural heat water.

You get to spend quality time chilling out, catch fun with friends, go fishing, hiking, and many interesting activities in the scenic environment. You can locate the hot spring with a three hours drive from Phoenix.

The interesting thing about the Roper Lake State Park Hot Springs is that it is easily accessible to visitors every year

One thing you should take note of about this hot spring is the water temperature. Before entering the hot spring, check the water temperature. Also, there is no lifeguard on duty so, swim carefully.

Facilities of Roper Lake State Park Hot Springs

The facilities of Roper Lake State Park include

  • hot spring soaking tub, and
  • RV hookups etc.

Where is Roper Lake State Park Located?

The Roper Lake State Park sits at 101 E Roper Lake Rd, in Safford, Arizona

4. Castle Hot Springs, Phoenix

Hot Springs In Arizona
Hot Springs In Arizona

This world can be stressful most especially when you are in the labor market but this does not apply to Castle Hot Springs in Arizona. Just at the entrance, it is guaranteed that your stress would be melted away.

Oh yeah… I forgot to notify you in the beginning that at Castle Hot Springs, you will see numerous pools, and at this point, you will be the boss to select the hot spring you want to enjoy. Castle Hot Springs is known to be the hottest natural pool in the world that is not caused by any volcano. The pool temperature reaches 120 degrees most at times.

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You want to relax your mind, here is a hot mineral natural jacuzzi where you deep your body into the water for a long time, feel the tightness of the water and enjoy…

Did I forget to tell you that there is a hotel there called Phoenix Hotel where you get to lodge and rest after a wonderful day at the pool?

The Phoenix Hotel varies both in size, price, and shape. Based on your budget, you can choose either the Bungalows, Standard rooms, Cottages, or Cabins.

Amenities at the Castle Hot Springs in Arizona include

  • Restaurants where you select different types of dishes
  • A luxury Spa
  • And of course, a spring pool

Things you could do at the Castle Hot Springs in Arizona

I need not remind you that good thing comes with wonderful goodies. You can never be bored at the Castle Hot Springs in Arizona because there are lots of things you could engage yourself in aside from soaking yourself in the hot pool. You could do some activities that bring peace to your mind like doing yoga, performing meditation, etc. You also get the opportunity to ride on horseback. What could be more funfilled than this?

Where is Castle Hot Springs in Arizona located?

The Castle Hot Springs in Arizona is located at 5050 East N Castle Hot Springs Road in Morristown, Arizona.

5. Essence of Tranquility, Safford

Hot Springs In Arizona
Hot Springs In Arizona

You never may have visited a hot spring with the special aroma of nature to calm your mind, body, and soul. Have you thought about soaking yourself in a hot pool and receiving a great massage afterward? If you have never experienced such, ‘Ladies and Gent’ I present to you Arizona’s Essence of Tranquility.

Arizona’s Essence of Tranquility has six organized hot tubs and these pools temperature ranges from 98 to 105 degrees.

Out of six (6) tubs, five (5) of them are private and it is optional to wear clothes. The sixth (6) pool is for general use and you are required to put on your clothes because it is an open place.

You could decide to camp there because they have different options and some cabins you could rent.

Amenities of Arizona’s Essence of Tranquility

Arizona’s Essence of Tranquility is definitely the place you should be if you would need the following services like

  • Important oil therapy
  • Massage to release your bones
  • reflexology
  • Soak yourself in hot spring tubs, etc

Address of Arizona’s Essence of Tranquility

Arizona’s Essence of Tranquility sits at 6074 S Lebanon Loop Road in Safford, Arizona

6. Verde Hot Springs, Yavapai County

Hot Springs In Arizona
Source: overseasattractions.com

The Verde Hot Springs in Yavapai County, Arizona made it to our list of the 8 Hot Springs In Arizona You Should Visit as a tourist from Arizona or beyond.

The Verde Hot Springs has proven to represent nature well in all ramifications and has also inclined humans to natural activities.

In the year 1920, Verde Hot Springs in Yavapai County, Arizona served as a tourist attraction to people from other states not until the 1960s when fire razed down the resort leaving behind the stone foundations, thermal pools, and the river of Verde.

The Verde Hot Springs comprises two (2) springs to entertain visitors. To get there, you must go on a little hike by crossing a river. The winter attracts fewer tourists because they would have to cross the freezing water of the Verde water before getting to the pool.

How can’t you enjoy such a historic ancient hot spring so blessed with nature? If you’ve got the chance, I would advise you to go and feel the touch of nature.

I guess I forget to tell you from the start that the Verde Hot Springs in Yavapai County, Arizona accepts campfires

Where is Verde Hot Springs in Yavapai County, Arizona located?

The Verde Hot Springs in Yavapai County, Arizona sits at Arizona 86322.

7. Hot Well Dunes Hot Springs, Bowie

At a glance at Hot Well Dunes Hot Springs, you may start calculating how much it may cost you to enter the pool but guess what? a soak at the Hot Well Dunes Hot Springs is absolutely free and it will cost you nothing.

At the Hot Well Dunes Hot Springs you have the opportunity to ride on 2,000 acres of sand dunes.

Imagine doing numerous activities and enjoying yourself in just one location. Below are the activities you could do at the Hot Well Dunes Hot Springs:

  • Ride on ATVs on 2,000 acres of sand dunes
  • Soak in the natural hot spring pool
  • chill out and play on the sand dune
  • Set up a camp, etc

Just think of yourself enjoying all these in one day? This Is what we call an “Overdose of Enjoyment.”

There is a camping fee though but hey, don’t be scared, it is very cheap. The Hot Well Dunes Hot Springs camping fee for the night rate is placed at $3.

Amenities for Hot Well Dunes Hot Springs

  • Have some relaxing time at the spring tub
  • Set a tent at the campsite. There are numerous places in the camp you could set a tent.
  • RVs

Location of Hot Well Dunes Hot Springs

The Hot Well Dunes Hot Springs sits at Safford in Arizona 85546 (AZ 85546).

8. Kachina Mineral Spring, Safford

You’ve never been to a hot spring where so many activities take place for the comfort of visitors.

If you take a look at the sub-title, you will notice “Mineral” right? Yes, that is what Kachina Mineral Springs is willing to offer its guests when they soak themselves into the spring.

As a guest, you have the opportunity to soak yourself into any of the two pools on-site at the Kachina Mineral Springs and feel the significance of Mineral water.

Where Does Kachina Mineral Springs Water come from

Any spring water has its origin and source. For instance, the Kachina Mineral Springwater has its sources from two places namely;

  • The Pinaleño Mountains, and
  • Roper Lake.

Don’t think I was kidding when I stated that there are so many things to enjoy in this hot spring. Aside from the hot bathe, you get to receive numerous services offered at the spa right here in Kachina Mineral Springwater and they include;

  • An essential oil session
  • A Massage to release your bones
  • sweat wrap, etc

So you see, all services treated at the spa are found in one place just so you could be comfortable as a visitor.

Funny Truth about the Kachina Mineral Spring: The funny truth about this hot spring is that, when you are there, you may feel reluctant to go home because of the enjoyment overdose you will receive there but when you go home after this fun, you feel more relaxed and happy.

Amenities of Kachina Mineral Springs

  • The hot spring comes with full packages offered at any spa
  • Get the opportunity to bathe at the hot spring

Where is Kachina Mineral Springs located?

The hot spring sits at 1155 W Cactus Road, in Safford, Arizona.

Conclusion to the Top 8 Hot Springs In Arizona

While working hard to better your home and to bring more cash at home may be cool, try to combine relaxation with works. Don’t just work, work, and work without drafting time for enjoyment.

When on any occasion to Arizona, don’t hesitate to visit these hot springs I mentioned above. Visit these places and see the beauty of nature.

Hey, c’mon, citizens of the United States don’t need a passport before they could travel to other states. Ex-convict or not, you can still have fun in the United State. Enjoy this life and live to the fullest.

In case you may have visited some of these places, please do good by commenting on your experience there.

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