7 Overnight Parking Near Me To Sleep On A Road Trip

Embarking on a road journey could be really stressful most especially when you don’t reach your destination before the night meets you and you begin to wonder where to pull through and spend the night. When the night meets you, it is very paramount that you find a secured Overnight Parking Near Me to spend the night before you embark on your journey the next morning to avoid, had I know.

Take for instance when the night falls on you, you need a good place to sleep when you are not using a hotel. You need a place where you could use their facilities in case nature calls, a place you can prepare some food and even find some facilities to use. Reading this article, you may be wondering if such places exist but the team of Top notes has taken some time to compile a list of overnight parking near Me to Sleep on A road trip.

Well, spending a night on the road in America is not that bad because it has scenic byways and highways, places to get gas at a cheap rate, a well-organized road, and of course a lot of places you could pull over and have a nice sleep without breaking any law. This goes to say that, American has a friendly road.

While we mention the overnight parking near me to sleep on a road trip, we are not going to sugarcoat all places and make them look like paradise rather, we will tell you the advantages and the disadvantages of passing a night at these places.

7 Overnight Parking Near Me To Sleep On A Road Trip

Below are the places near you where you could spend a night while on a road trip in America

1). Walmart

As an American, you probably must have heard that you could park your automobile and pass a night at Walmart parking lots. Well, this is very true because it has been tested and trusted. In case you are on your way and the night meets you, locate a Walmart store and pass the night. To get serious, Walmart has planted RV parking in some of its locations. However, Walmart RV’s allows one to park for just 24 hours. It was made known on their website.

What are the Advantages of Parking At Walmart

Walmart tops our list due to the following reasons:

  1. Walmart is a large company scattered across America so they are very easy to be found in any part of America.
  2. The security at Walmart is very tight. Most Walmart store security operates 24/7. Travelers should be really happy when they see a parking space with tight security.
  3. Also, you are allowed to use their facilities when nature calls like using the restroom, etc.
  4. Free WiFi at Walmart is guaranteed. You have access to their Free WiFi if you park at Walmart.

What Are the Disadvantages of Staying At Walmart

  1. You make find it very difficult to sleep at Walmart because it is a very busy place where work starts very early in the morning. So if you are there at night, make sure you have some sleep because once it is early in the morning, customers usually storm there to do some purchases.
  2. You are not allowed to move out of Walmart in the middle of the night due to security issues.

2). Casino’s

Another good place to park your car and have a nice sleep is Casino. If you have ever visited any Casino center at night, you will know that Casino never sleeps. They are opened 24/7 and because of this, officers and always on patrol at night and also, there are security cameras placed on strategic places at the parking spots.

A casino is a place where people spend huge amounts of money gambling till the next morning so no one may be concerned about you parking at their parking spot. Travelers who have tried this method before haven’t had any trouble or gotten into any trouble.

When their staff sees you coming in with your car, they feel that you are a potential customer who is willing to spend lots of money in their casino spot so you are free to use their parking spot overnight. This method works perfectly for those traveling through the road of Las Vegas. Though, it also works for other states too.

While parking your automobile and sleeping there, be also careful and respect your surrounding. In other words, don’t do the followings:

  • Cooking outside
  • Frequently getting out and in of your car
  • Don’t play loud music and if possible, don’t play any music. Mind you, they think you are in the casino center gambling.

Follow the above advice for your own good and the good of others because you don’t want to be in the situation where the security personnel would ask you out of the parking lots and be so doing, you blow your chances of passing the night there and also blowing the chance of other travelers who may potentially try this method also.

What are the Advantages of parking At Casino?

  • You could use the chance to gamble there but be wise though
  • Casino parking spot has a very tight security
  • You have access to their facilities like the bathroom and other amenities
  • There are availabilities of foods in case you may need some
  • You can get a tea or coffee at all hour
  • The prices of the food are reasonable.
  • In case your journey is still long, you can purchase food items for breakfast, lunch, and supper

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What Are The Disadvantages of Staying At Casino’s

Though there are no many disadvantages of staying at the casino still, there are still disadvantages which would be outlined below:

  • While you park at the casino, try to remain in your vehicle. If you go out and in of your vehicle frequently, it may likely draw attention to yourself hence, you may be asked out of the casino by security personnel.
  • In some states in America, gambling is not allowed so you may likely not see any casino center along your way or close by. In case of such a situation, you can look for any Indian reservation to pass the night.

3). Rest Stops 

Rest Stops came third on our list of Overnight Parking Near Me To Sleep On A Road Trip.

While driving on highways and interstates roads, you may likely pass through rest stops. Driving at night can be dangerous if you are not used to it. You may get tired and doze off even without knowing so, it is very important to look for a place like any rest stops and pass the night to enable you to continue with your journey the next morning.

What are the Advantages of Staying At Rest Stops

  • It is not illegal to spend a day or two at the rest stops
  • They are a very nice place to stop by and sleep at night
  • Many of these rest stops in the United States have bathroom facilities
  • You may even get a coffee or tea in the morning

What are the Disadvantages of Staying At Rest Stops

  • Some rest stops which are in the middle of nowhere may not be safe for some travelers who want to pass the night. This is because security personnel may not be very active there. Though, most of the rest stops are safe to sleep overnight
  • Even as most of the rest stops are safe in the United States, you should at the same time be conscious of your environment. Try parking your car close to people’s cars if there are any there. But if you have doubt on how secured that environment is, move away from there and find a more secured environment.
Overnight Parking Near Me
Overnight Parking Near Me

4). Welcome Information Center’s

Immediately you pass a Stateline, you will come across signs directing you to a Welcome Center for instance when you are moving from California to Oregon. The Welcome Center has a really nice parking spot where you could pass the night and continue your journey the next day.

What Are The Advantages of Parking At Welcome Information Center’s

  • One of the advantages of stopping by the Welcome Information Center is that you have everywhere to yourself. The Welcome Information Center is unpopular therefore, people are not usually much there. If you are looking for a cool place to spend a night without disturbance, then Welcome Information Center should be in your mind.
  • Since people are not many there, you are free to carry out some activities you can’t do at the places mentioned above like cooking with your gas stove outside your automobile. The Welcome Information Center is a center where staff finds cater motorist crossing to other states. So even though you cook during open hours, be rest assured that nobody will pay attention to you.
  • Another advantage of parking at the Welcome Information Center is that you will have the opportunity to access maps and you will also be opportune to learn more things at the Welcome Information Center immediately they open in the morning.

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What Are The Disadvantages of Staying At Welcome Information Center’s

  • The only disadvantage that we know of is that you will not be given access to make use of the bathroom except in the morning when the center opens.

5). BLM Land

BLM Land which stands for Bureau of Land Management assigned some spaces for those who feel like camping for free. If you are on interstate travel, you can stop by any of the BLM land and camp. All camping is allowed either you have a tent or you feel like camping in your car. One good thing about camping at the BLM Land is that it is very legal and you will not be disturbed by the law.

You can camp at the BLM Land for over 14days and in some locations, you can stay up to 30 days for free. If you are camping in such public places, please don’t pay them back in a negative way, all they will require from you is a ‘leave No Trace policy’ that is, to reduce the trash at the campsite

What Are The Advantages of Staying On BLM Land?

  • Camping at BLM land is legal: You can camp at the BLM land at night if you can’t continue with your journey
  • You can stay for a long time: Not only that camping at the BLM land is legal, but it is also a place you can spend some days, prepare yourself before moving. In some location of BLM land, you are allowed to stay up to 30 days
  • It is free: Unlike other places where you get to pay a token, camping at BLM Land is absolutely free. Imagine staying in a place for days without paying a dime.
  • BLM Land is very beautiful and conducive to spend a night.

Disadvantages of Staying On BLM land

  • The only disadvantage of BLM Land is that it is not located in any part of eastern America. This goes to say that, when you are driving through eastern America, you are not likely of seeing any BLM land except you are driving through the western area. Apart from the above, there are no disadvantages to staying at the BLM land.

6. Fast Food, Shopping Malls & Parking Lots

Fast Foods, Shopping Malls, and Parking lots are everywhere in the United State and also a safe place to park your car overnight. While you may be thinking of parking and sleeping in any of the grocery stores or shopping malls, you should know that it is illegal to park in some of these places. You may be asked to leave.

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Aside from that, these places seem to be a very nice place to park your car plus it is also secured. Security cameras are strategically placed. People who have actually slept in these places had no problem.

What Are The Advantages of Staying At Grocery Stores and Shopping Malls

  • Grocery stores or shopping malls are scattered across the United States as you do not need to drive a very long distance before you can see one.
  • Presence of security cameras and personnel
  • You can use the opportunity to grab something edible inside the store because you will definitely not be allowed to cook there
  • After you must have passed the night there, you can have quick access to the bathroom to freshen up before you continue your journey.

What Are The Disadvantages of Staying At Fast Food and Shopping Malls

  • When the Fastfood or Shopping Mall closes, do well to remain inside your car and don’t come out to avoid the security personnel asking you out of the mall that night. They may even serve paper to you because they will consider such an act illegal.
  • Even though most of the malls or fast food in the United States are safe, some may not be safe. You just have to be careful too.

7. City Street Parking

City Street Parking came last on our list of Overnight Parking Near Me because it is the roughest and most unsafe of all but that doesn’t mean something bad must happen. In fact, bad things rarely happen. It depends on the location of the street you decide to park your car.

If you are low in cash and can’t afford a hotel or inn, you should consider parking on the street. Hey, there is no shame or relegation in that but be very careful about the kind of place you decide to park your car.

Advantages of City Street Parking

  • It is safer when you sleep in your car when you are parking in the street. Though, it  also depends on the area
  • You pay money to no one for parking on the street. Parking on the street is absolutely free and you are paying no dime to anybody which is against the parking meter used in the day.

Disadvantages of City Street Parking

  • It is illegal to park your car along the street of the United States. So when you park your car there, do it gentling and erase any suspicious character
  • Finding nice areas in urban cities to park your car can be very tough because you may not know the location that is dangerous and safe
  • There are no restroom amenities when you park on the city street
  • Since urban streets are usually sleepless, you might get distracted by different factors like car hornings, footsteps from passersby, and noise from different angles

Conclusion on Overnight Parking Near Me

A road trip could be fun and stressful at the same time. It could be fun when you arrive at your destination quickly but becomes frustrating when the night meets you and you start pounding and thinking aloud like where can I see an Overnight Parking Near Me?

Well, worry no more because this article just delivered safe places you could park when you meet such a situation on the road.

And please, when you are on a long trip and the night falls on you, do well to google search Overnight Parking Near Me and park your car at any available option but when parking, try to find a secured place like the Walmart and its likes. If you are parking at rests stop and you are not confident on the security level there please, move to other available options.

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