15 Sharks In Florida

Before we dive into today’s title about Sharks In Florida, I don’t know if this information may impress you but all the same, I’d make known the information for knowledge’s sake.

Do you know that there are over 500 shark species in the world with at least one being discovered every year? According to research, sharks have outlived the dinosaurs and have lasted over 400 years on earth.

Even though we have vast species of sharks, many of these species are going on extinct for example the saw shark.

Do sharks Kill people?

It is not in their intention to kill people, in fact, the record has it that out of the 500 species of sharks in the world, only a dozen of these species have actually attacked humans. Humans are not shark’s diet so they are not focused on hunting humans. They feed majorly on invertebrates and smaller fishes in the water.

When you hear a scenario of a shark attacking a human, it is most likely caused by the shark’s curiousness, and maybe confusion while investigating the human in the water hence, the attack. Most of the attacks from Sharks are caused when they feel threatened so they had to defend themselves.

Sharks In Florida

Florida no doubt is endowed with quite a number of sharks and we shall be briefing you on Sharks In Florida. Are you a resident of Florida? do you want to know the types of Sharks In Florida? then keep reading.

Hey, put on your seat belt, and let’s take a long ride…

1). Tiger Shark

Sharks In Florida

There is a reason it is called the “Tiger Shark.” The Tiger Shark is known to be a very large shark and it weighs 3,000lbs and 18 feet in length. They are not just large in size for nothing, they are actually very heavy.

Most sharks swims are the deeper side of the ocean but the Tiger Shark can be found on both the surface of the ocean and off the coast. The reason they are called Tiger sharks is that they are very large and are known to be the second-largest predatory fish. Despite their heavy bodies, they are excellent swimmers with high-speed features.

What Does the Tiger Shark Eat?

The Tiger Shark feeds on the following below:

  • smaller fishes in the water,
  • dolphin
  • sea lion
  • squid
  • birds, etc

2). Great Hammerhead Shark

Sharks In Florida
Sharks In Florida

The Hammerheads shark is a species of shark and the Great Hammerheads shark is the biggest shark species. They are quite long with about 20 feet in length.

Well, this kind of shark is very rare to find in any part of the world. There are only a few places you could see such a shark and South Florida is one of these places.

What Does Great Hammerheads Shark Eat?

The Great Hammerheads shark feeds on the following below:

  • Other smaller sharks
  • Fishes, and
  • stingrays

3). Bull Shark

Bull Shark

While in the water, the worst thing you should pray for is to see the Bull shark speedily swimming in your direction. The Bull Shark is very aggressive and the Shark is known to be one of the most dangerous sharks amongst others. It was named the most dangerous shark in the world due to the series of attacks on humans.

While swimming at any beach in Florida, you should be very careful and take the authority sign seriously because the Bull Sharks swims inshore.

The Bull Sharks don’t move alone, they move in a pack. They are very large and they have heavy bodies. Their length ranges from 5-14 and they weigh over 1,500 pounds.

4). Scalloped Hammerhead

Sharks In Florida

The Scalloped Hammerhead Shark belongs to the hammerhead species. It is known to be the second biggest Shark of the hammerhead species after the Great hammerhead. They are also big with a length of about 6-7. This species is a rare species and South Florida is one of the very few places you could find many of the Scalloped Hammerhead Sharks.

The Scalloped Hammerhead Shark are fast swimmers also.

What Does Scalloped Hammerheads Shark Eat?

The Scalloped Hammerheads shark feeds on the following below:

  • Fish,
  • Smaller sharks, and
  • stingrays

5). Lemon Shark



Lemon Sharks are large sharks with a size between four (4) to seven (7) in length long and they weigh 500 lbs. They love the shallow water and prefer swimming are the edge of the Gulf Stream which is the shallow part of the Ocean. Florida has lots of Lemon sharks in its’ water.

The Lemon Sharks are gentle but become aggressive when threatened and they are very fast in the water.

6). Sandbar Shark

Sharks In Florida

This type of shark is also commonly found in other states aside from Florida. In as much as they are the inshore type of sharks, they are also found in deeper parts of the water. Just like the Bull Shark, the Sandbar Sharks do not move along, they move in a pack. These species’ speed and power in water is could make other sharks jealous if they had human reasoning.

What Do Sandbar Sharks Eat?

The Sandbar Sharks feeds on the followings:

  •  They feed mostly on fish,
  • Crustacean, and
  • Squid.

7). Reef Shark

Reef Sharks

Reef Sharks are mainly found not only in South Florida but in every tropical Ocean in the world. Tough, they are mainly found more in South Florida, the Caribbean, and the Bahamas. Like every other shark, Reef Sharks are very fast predators, and they are based either in the deeper or shallow reef. The reef sharks are 4-8 length long and can weigh up to 600lbs. One common feature about these Reef sharks is that they do their hunting in packs.

What Do Reef Sharks eat?

The Reef Sharks feeds on the followings:

  • Fish, and
  • other seas animals

8). Black Tip Shark

Blacktip Shark

The Black Tip Sharks are fast and energetic hunters who frequently do their hunting in inshore. When they are focused on catching prey like a bird, they can jump really high too. The Blacktips sharks are from the species of requiem shark and are part of the Carcharhinidae family. Their average length ranges from 4-7 and they weigh 350lbs.

What Do Black Tip Sharks Eat?

The Black Tip Sharks feeds on the followings:

  • Fishes
  • Smaller sharks

9). Mako Shark

Sharks In Florida

The Mako Sharks are a very aggressive and fast shark that usually does its hunting offshore the water which no doubt is very far from the inshore. They are very fast and according to research carried out, their speed surpasses 40 mph making them one of the fastest sharks in the water of Florida. In as much as they love swimming in the deepest parts of the Ocean, they sometimes can be found also at the inshore of the water also.

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The Mako Sharks can go so deep as far as or more than 400 feet beneath the water. They are large sharks also and record shows that the rate in which they grow is two times faster than some shark species. The Mako Sharks have an average length of 13 feet and weighs 1,200 lbs.

What Do Mako Sharks Eat?

The Mako Sharks feeds on the followings:

  • Dolphin
  • Mackerels
  • Blue Sharks
  • swordfish
  • tuna
  • sea turtles

10). Dusky Shark

Dusky Sharks

You can find the Dusky Sharks both in the Inshore and offshore of water. Research made us know that the Dusky Sharks usually travel a very long distance during their lifetime. In Florida, they are usually seen as both in the inshore and offshore waters. The average length of a Dusky Sharks is between 5 to 12  and weighs 1,000lbs. The Dusky Sharks are migratory, they move from one part of the ocean to another.

What Do Dusky Sharks Eat?

The Dusky Sharks feeds on the followings:

  • Fishes
  • Smaller Sharks

11). Silky Shark

The Silky Sharks are expert hunters who are found offshore of the ocean. They are always hunting prey to have for dinner. Their bodies are built for long-distance travel and upon how large they are, they are super fast. The Silky Sharks no doubt are regularly on our T.V screens and have come to be our favorite sharks because of how brave they are and they try as much as possible to put in quite a great show in their actions.

What Do Sandbar Sharks Eat?

The Silky Sharks usually feeds on the followings:

  • They feed on fishes
  • They feed on smaller sharks
  • Dolphins
  • Sea Turtles
  • Sea Lions, and
  • Other sea animals.

12). Nurse Shark

Sharks In Florida

The Nurse Sharks are usually found in the Oceans of Florida. These sharks are slow-moving offshore sharks and are harmless to humans. The Nurse Sharks are very large sharks and can grow up to 14 feet. Their jaws are very powerful with tiny, serrated teeth numbering in thousands.

Even though they are harmless to humans, they are also aggressive too and could bite when threatened by divers, or stepped upon.

13). Smalltooth Sawfish

Small tooth sawfish

The Small Sawfish made it to the list of Sharks In Florida but the sad truth about this shark is that they are an endangered type of shark. In no time, we may not see such sharks again, but have them in our memories.

According to Edgeofexistence, the numbers of Small Sawfish have drastically reduced, and presently, there are only 200-500 Small Sawfish in existence worldwide.

In the eighteenth century, rumor has it that a man was sawn in half but the endangered shark but apart from that, we have not heard of Small Sawfish actually killing a human.

As their size increases, so is their relegation to the bottom of the water increases. This goes to say that, they go deeper to the water bottom when they increase in size.

What Do Small Sawfish Eat?

The Small Sawfish are invertebrates and they eat the followings below:

  • Crab, and
  • shrimp etc.

14). Bonnethead Shark

Bonnethead Shark
Bonnethead Shark

The Bonnethead Shark is also known as the bonnet shark is a small member of the hammerhead shark. The Bonnethead is the second smaller shark in the hammerhead shark family and can grow up to 38 – 48 inches in length and weighs 28 pounds. The total length of the Bonnethead Shark is 59 inches.

Are Bonnethead Sharks Aggressive?

The Bonnethead Shark is not aggressive neither does it bite therefore, it is considered harmless to humans. Due to the small and shy nature, the Bonnethead practically are harmless to human

What Do Sandbar Sharks Eat?

The Bonnethead Shark feeds on the followings below:

  • Crustaceans
  • octopuses
  • Small Fishes

15). Whale Shark

Whale Shark

Whale sharks are large submissive fishes and despite their intimidating size, it sometimes allows humans to catch some rides even though scientists disapprove of such ideas. These types of sharks are harmless to humans.

Whale sharks are very large and their length can reach 59 feet with average feet of 39 and it weighs 15 tons making them the largest fish in the world. They are a long-distance traveler and they sometimes travel very far in order to find a large quantity of food to feed their large size.

What do Whale Sharks Eat?

One would think that a fish as large as a school bus would always have something as big as a tiger shark for dinner but that seems not to be the case. The Whale Shark feeds on small fishes, plankton, and small shrimp.

Conclusion 15 Sharks In Florida

Sharks In Florida differ in shape, size, and species. There could be more sharks in Florida that were not listed in this article but at least, we have touched on some of the most important sharks in Florida.

According to ISAF, Florida has the most shark attacks followed by Hawaii and then California. In fact, named Florida the Shark attack capital globally.

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